Exploring Scatman Crothers Journey as an Entertainer

Benjamin Sherman Crothers

Dial back to the 1970s and 80s, you will discover that Scatman had become a prominent household name. Benjamin Sherman Crothers, popularly known as Scatman Crothers took the American television industry by storm in the late 190s with his quick wit and dramatic performances. He played small but significant roles in movies and TV shows like Louie, the Garbage Man, in Chico and The Man and Difk Hallorann in 1980’s The Shining.

In addition to acting, Scatman Crothers enjoyed giving voices in animated TV series like Harlem Globetrotters as Meadowlark Lemon and Jazz (autobot) in The Transformers, among others. Let’s learn more about this splendid personality.

How did Benjamin Sherman become Scatman Crothers?

Before films and voice acting, Benjamin made his living as a musician. His stage presence and musical prowess earned him and his band a TV show in Akron, Ohio. He performed there five days a week. As days past more people tuned in and the show began having people come back to listen to him. 

Looking at the audience, the station manager at the time suggested that Benjamin should have a better stage name. Thinking of a catchier title, Scatman came into his mind. It also fits because Benjamin Sherman got recognition for scat singing. That’s how Benjamin Crothers became Scatman Crothers. 

Scatman Crothers Musical Journey 

Scatman spent eight years in Aron performing at the station with his band. Later, he also performed at various destinations across the United States including New York and Los Angeles.

Scatman Crothers reached a wider audience when he released his singles, I’d Rather Be a Hummingbird and Television Blues, among others. Further, he tied up with a record company called High Fidelity to release his album Scartman Crothers, featuring in the rock and roll genre. 

Scatman Crothers in Movies

Although his music career had earned him a good name in the entertainment domain, destiny had other plans for Scatman. He made his feature film debut with Meet Me at the Fair in 1953. Parallely, he also provided voices in The Aristocats in 1970. 

Things turned for the better when he began appearing in Jack Nicholson’s movies – The King of Marvin Gardens, The Fortune, The Shining and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest between 1972 and 1980. 

Scatman continued to work in films and TV. For a fact, he became the first black person to have a regular TV appearance in the Los Angeles show Dixie Showboat. His last appearances were in Casablanca (1983) and Eveningstar (1986) 

How Scatman Passed Away?

While at his California home, Crothers passed away. The actor was diagnosed with lung cancer around 1982 and circum to the same on November 22, 1986. Combining his musical,  film and television career, Scatman spent over half a century entertaining people of America and the globe. He currently rests at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles. 


Why is Scatman Crothers called Scatman?

Scatman got his name from a ratio station manager where he played Scrat music with his band for almost years. 

How did Scatman die? 

Scatman Crothers struggled with lung cancer in the later years of his life. He passed away in November of 1986.