Bingo’s Evolving Relationship With Technology


At the turn of the 21st century, it looked like bingo halls were going to be extinct. Numbers were rapidly dwindling, and there were only 20 online bingo sites. However, online bingo changed the course of this popular pastime ever since.

The Bingo Hall: The Once Traditional Way to Play

With the resurgence of bingo, bingo halls have begun to sprout up around the country, alongside online bingo. Both have fun ways to get people to socialize, no matter if at a bricks-and-mortar bingo hall, or in your own home. For instance, you could be on a night out with your friends, or chatting away in a chat room, forum, or social media platform.

You may enjoy the experience of playing both online bingo and in a bingo hall. Playing both ways is a good way to spend quality time with friends both near and far, whilst having a good time as you play bingo. If you’re planning a night out at your local bingo hall, looking for bingo near me is the first step to finding where the nearest one to you is.

Online Bingo: The New Way Forward?

Online bingo has shown it’s possible to do away with paper and a dabber, and use virtual bingo cards and artificial intelligence instead to fill them in. If this was implemented in local bingo halls, this could save them money in the long run. What’s more, it wouldn’t be that different from how people play at home on their own devices, but with the added bonus of being able to physically socialize.

Furthermore, if there were terminals or tablets used in bingo halls to play the game, the prize money would be significantly higher. They could also be used to allow people to play different variants of bingo, or perhaps different games. Bearing in mind we’re able to get most of what we want at the touch of a button, bingo being able to replicate this would only open it up and make it easier. 

Aside from physically socializing, one other main draw would be the bingo caller calling out the numbers on the floor, along with the camaraderie and congratulations when someone shouts, “Bingo!”

What does the Future hold for Bingo?

With technology, it appears to hold quite a promising future. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality will make bingo more immersive for players, and provide a better gaming experience. Speaking of gaming experience, with the introduction of blockchain, it’ll become a more transparent and fairer way to play online.

Bingo has shown that it’s possible to be successful, both as a bricks-and-mortar business and online. Its unique selling point of being able to get customers to successfully socialize, regardless of where they play bingo, is by no means an easy feat. Although online bingo halls have given physical bingo halls a second chance, it now falls to bingo companies to make sure this continues, using technology to support them along the way.