High School DxD Season 5: Confirmed Release Date and More Updates

High School DxD

The harem anime series, High School DxD is on its way for season 5. This TV series is the animated adaptation of the Japanese iconic novel authored by IchieiIshibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero and has got great success in all the previous seasons. Since 2012, TNK has already produced four seasons of this eminent animated series under the direction of Tetsuya Yanagisawa. High School DxD depicts the challenges and life events of Issei Hyodo, a high school student. If you have already seen the previous seasons of this animated program “High School DxD”, we understand your eagerness to know the final release date of High School DxDseason 5. So, let’s break the ice.

High School DxD Season 5 Release Date

AT-X network premiered the first season of this animated series in 2012 and the fourth season came out in 2018. High School DxD season 5 was initially set to release by the end of 2020. However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the release date got delayed, as stated by the novel’s author, IchieiIshibumi.

As of now, the expected release date of High School DxD season 5 is around October 2022. Nevertheless, we have not got yet any official news regarding the release date of the upcoming season. In any case, if the producer does not make the next season’s release this year, you will surely get the next season around July 2023. High School DxD season 5 will have 12 episodes with 22 minutes of running time for every episode. 

High School DxD Season 5 Expected Storyline

The story of High School DxDrevolves around the struggle among the devils, the angels, and the fallen angels. Earlier we have seen Issei go on a date with Yuma Amano. After the date, she brings him to a nearby park where she wants to kill him. However, a third-year student, Rias Gremoryprotects him from Yuma with her magical card. The next morning, when Issei wakes up, he thinks that all he went through was a bad dream.

But very soon, he realizes everything when he gets attacked again by another fallen angel. Rias then reveals to Issei that she resurrected him when Yuma killed him. The first season of High School DxD adapts the material of the first two volumes and some side stories of volume 8 of the original novel and aired from January 6 to March 23, 2012. The second season includes the third and fourth volumes of the novel and this season was released from July 7 to September 22, 2013. The third season came out from April 4 to June 20, 2015, which includes the fifth to the seventh volumes in the first ten episodes and the self-created story arc in the last two episodes. The fourth season came out with the ninth and tenth volumes of the book from April 10 to July 3, 2018. So, there is a strong possibility that High School DxD Season Five will adapt the eleventh and twelfth volumes of the book. The Hero Oppai Dragon Arc commenced in season 4 and most likely this arc would be the crucial part of season 5.

High School DxD Season 5 Cast

It is expected that the voice-over cast for High School DxD Season 5 will remain the same as in the previous seasons. The following is a list of voiceover artists who have played different roles in the series and you can expect them to repeat their roles in the next season.

  • Issei Hyoudou- Yuki Kaji(Original) & Josh Grelle(English)
  • Rias Gremory- Yoko Hikasa (Original) & Jamie Marchi (English)
  • AkenoHimejima – Shizuka Ito (Original) & Teri Rogers (English)
  • Asia Argento- Azumi Asakura (Original) & Chloe Daniels (English)
  • KonekoToujou- Ayana Taketatsu (Original) & Jad Saxton (English)
  • YutoKiba- Kenji Nojima(Original) & Sean O’ Connor (English)
  • Ddraig- FumihikoTachiki(Original) & Christopher Sabat (English)
  • Xenovia- Risa Taneda(Original) & Lauren Landa(English)
  • Azazel- Rikiya Koyama(Original) & Phil Parsons (English)
  • Irina Shido- Maaya Uchida(Original) & Kristi Kang(English).

The famous director, Yoshifumi Suede will direct High School DxD Season 5.

High School DxD Season 5 Trailer

The trailer of High School DxD Season 5 has not come yet. However, you can expect that the AT-X network will release the season five trailer very soon. You can also check out the official trailers of the previous seasons on YouTube.

Wrapping Up:

High School DxD is a great anime harem that combines drama, magic, paranormality, and comedy. Those who love supernatural adventure comedies and the idea of demons and angels will definitely love to watch this animated series. We know that you are eagerly waiting for High School DxD Season 5and this is why we will keep providing you with the most recent updates. So, visit us frequently to learn about the official updates.