British Gas Homecare: A Complete Set of Protection for Your Household

British gas Homecare help

What happens when the largest energy supplier of the UK also provides insurance services for your household essentials like boiler, electrics, heating, etc? Well, it can give you complete peace of mind by assuring a year-long service 24*7. Yes, we are talking about the British Gas Homecare range of services.  

Insurance products of British Gas Homecare:

British Gas Homecare offers mainly four types of insurance services which are organized chronologically (1 to 4) as per their range of facilities. While the Homecare One package provides the minimum coverage, Homecare Four provides the maximum coverage. In the below, we will give a deeper look at each of them.

Homecare One:

Price: €14 per month.

Inclusions: This plan covers all types of repairments to your gas boiler and controls. The thermostat and programmer of your gas boiler also come under this plan. Additionally, it also covers annual servicing to your gas boiler so that your boiler works fine throughout the year. You will also get compensation for accidental damage as well.

Exclusions: Homecare one does not cover any systematic problem of the boiler including showers or taps. It also does not cover any type of repairment to the central heating system along with the radiator. If someone else makes any fault while repairing or in case of any design faults, you will not get the benefits of Homecare one.

Homecare Two:

Price: €17 per month.

Inclusions: Along with all facilities of Homecare one, it also covers any repairment to your gas central heating system that includes hot water cylinder and radiators.

Exclusions: All exclusions mentioned in the Homecare one package are also valid here.

Homecare Three:

Price: €20.50 per month.

Inclusions: Homecare three covers all the above-mentioned benefits of Homecare one and Homecare two. In addition, it gives you plumbing and drainage repairment facilities under which the engineers will repair any water supply pipeline-related problem within your property.

Exclusions: Exclusions for Homecare three is similar to Homecare one and two.

Homecare Four:

Price: €23 per month.

Inclusions: While Homecare four is the costliest among all packages,  it also provides maximum coverage and benefits. Homecare four covers all product features of one, two, and three. In addition, it provides a home electric solution under which the engineers will repair problems in your mains electrical system and all types of wiring issues across your property.

Exclusions: Along with all the exclusions mentioned in the above Homecare packages,  it does not cover shared drains, electrical appliances, cooker hoods, and extractor fans whose diameter are more than 15cm.

How to communicate?

You can get all the relevant information about British Gas Homecare packages by visiting their online website. Alternatively, you can contact them through e-mail or dial the British Gas Homecare phone number given on the website.

Is British Gas Homecare safe?

The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK regulates and authorizes British Gas Homecare insurance packages. So, it is totally safe for you and they also provide prompt service, which means complete peace of mind for you and your family.