Colt Brawl Stars Guide

Colt Brawl Stars Guide

What is up, Brawlers? We’re back with another Brawl Stars guide, and this time, we are going to take a look at Colt, the Pretty.

Colt is a long-range demon and is suitable for both new and old players alike. He is a very effective Brawl Stars brawler on open maps and he is known for dealing high damage.

If you manage to learn about his abilities, star powers and gadgets, as well as his overall build and how to properly use them, you can easily pick him up on his favourite maps and quickly climb through the ranks.

So, in this guide, let us take a look at his gadgets, star powers, hypercharge, etc., and also learn how to build him in general.

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Colt Abilities

Six-Shooters (Attack): This ability allows you to shoot a long-ranged six-bullet spray. If you manage to hit all the bullets, it will deal massive damage. However, keep in mind that each bullet by itself doesn’t deal much damage, so try to land as many bullets as possible on the enemy.

Bullet Storm (Super): This time, Colt shoots twelve piercing bullets in a very long range. These bullets are larger and travel faster than his basic attack.

This super also destroys obstacles but does not pierce through them.

Colt Gadgets

Speedloader: This gadget allows Colt to instantly reload 2 ammo.

Silver Bullet: This gadget allows Colt to fire one piercing bullet that deals as much damage as Colt’s super. It can also destroy obstacles and there will be a marker above Colt indicating that the gadget is in use.

Colt Star Powers

Slick boots increase Colt’s movement speed by 13%.

Magnum Special increases Colt’s attack range and improves his bullet speed by 11%.

Colt’s Hyper Charge

Dual Welding: This hypercharge will further improve Colt’s super ability by increasing its width from 0.67 to 1.47 tiles, allowing you to land more shots. And he also gains a 26% speed boost, a 25% damage boost and finally, a 5% shield boost.

How do I build Colt Brawl Stars?

Now let us take a look at the best build that will help you climb ranks using Colt.

Gadget: I recommend you go with the Speedloader. This allows you to instantly reload 2 ammo, allowing you to dish out more damage overall. You will have 3 charges for this gadget per match.

Gears: For your first gear, I recommend that you choose Reload Speed. This is Epic Gear, which will increase your overall reload speed by 15%.

And for your second gear, go with “DAMAGE.” This will give you a 15% extra damage boost whenever you’re low on health.

Star Power: My suggestion for Star Power would be to simply go with Slick Boots. This will increase his movement speed by 13%.

Since Colt is naturally a low-health brawler, we need to find other means to keep him alive during the game. With increased movement speed, you can constantly move and fight from much safer positions during the game.

Colt is really effective in Heist, Brawl Ball and Knockout Maps.

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