Komik Hisashiburi NI Jikka NI Kaettara Otouto GA Ts Shiteta: The Japanese Manga

The Japanese Manga

Japan has a vibrant culture of manga and anime that has encapsulated not just the youth of the country but many adults from across the globe. Just as movies, cartoons and TV shows, manga culture was introduced into the world by Japan and outings to some key characters and storytelling formats, the genre has captivated quite a lot of people. One of the recent, most talked about mangas is Komik Hisashiburi NI Jikka NI Kaettara Otouto GA Ts Shiteta. 

The manga has been read and appreciated by people both adults and teenagers in varied parts of the world. So, if you are planning to read, here are some things that we are going to discuss about the show. 

What’s Japanese Managa?  

Even though popular, not everyone is familiar with manga and rightly so. It’s one genre that is still finding its way in some parts of the world. So, it might be that the show would be your first manga. Hence, it’s important to understand what to expect from not just this manga series but manga in general. 

Unlike cartoons and comic books, mangas often depict the vibrant cultures of Japan. They are loud with extensive expression, several punch lines and immersive actions that keep you on the edge of your seat. Drama is too dramatic, action is too unrealistic and overall, it feels that every manga story is meant to thrill you and deliver maximum entertainment. 

In addition to being very close to Japanese entertainment, manga has inspired many movies, TV shows and animated characters across the globe. Whether it’s action, romance or drama, manga has taught creative directors a new way to look at the world and entertainment in general. 

Family Culture 

From colours and hues to the way characters are formed and their personalities, Mangas have a distinct sense of style unlike any other. The show, which when translated to English means When I came home after a long time, my little brother did what? Is a manga that can be put in the genre of drama. It not only explores the culture and modern traditions of the city but takes a deep dive into the role of family members and explores the bond between siblings. 

The series focuses on a character who has been away from the family for quite some time. Upon returning home one day he discovered a lot had changed about his brother from the time he left to now. 

The creator has usher visual cues and detailed several aspects of the manga to make it more appealing to both Japanese audiences and people abroad. The illustrations truly bring the essence of original manga out into the open and it feels like a breath of fresh air. 

What is the show trying to say?

Beyond the dynamics of a modern Japanese family, the manga explores the cultural developments Japan has seen through the years. The creator emphasizes the importance of discovering oneself and the need to look within to find who you are. 

It shows that change is inevitable and if you are not present with the person, the change can come as a shock. As the manga continues it tries to walk the reader through several norms that are embodied within us but we rarely explore. This includes forgiveness, understanding oneself and others and accepting people for who they are. 

Technical aspects like flashbacks and intense dialogues come methodically in the manga. It brings about maximum emotion and creates a full circle leaving no story untold. 

Why do people like the show?

Komik Hisashiburi NI Jikka NI Kaettara Otouto GA Ts Shiteta felt like just another manga. But, as more people read it, word of mouth spread. Soon everyone, including the non-Japanese speaking audience, learned about it. The show shot into popularity. It is still a favourite manga piece for many. But why do people like it? 

There are several facets to why people like the show. One of them is the simple fact that we all have families and we all can relate to it. The fights and struggles depicted in the manga are very relatable to someone reading it. So people quickly find it interesting. 

Moreover, its intriguing plot line and end-to-end developed characters make it further interesting for readers. Once they start they want to know more about each character. The intrigue goes on until the end of the manga when everything ends. 

Should you read the manga?

Although a mass hit, one cannot say that this manga is for everyone. If you like family drama and plots with complex relationships, you will enjoy it. However, if you are more of an action, horror or comedy guy, this might not be the piece for you. That being said, do you want to start reading manga? Consider The show to be your first.


What is Komik Hisashiburi NI Jikka NI Kaettara Otouto GA Ts Shiteta? 

It is a Japanese manga. It has slowly grown into a favourite among many manga readers in Japan and across the world. 

What is the meaning of Komik Hisashiburi NI Jikka NI Kaettara Otouto GA Ts Shiteta?

It is a Japanese manga. It translates to When I Came Back Home After a Long Time, My Little Brother Did What?

Where can I read?

There are several online sources like Crunchyroll where you can read this manga. 

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