A Year to Remember: Creating A Capsule To Celebrate A Year Of Marriage

Marriage Capsule
Image Credit: Unsplash

The first year of marriage can fly past in the blink of an eye. After months, possibly years, of planning for the special day, a couple’s wedding day seems like a lifetime ago, especially when their first wedding anniversary approaches.

Between the wedding and the first anniversary can be an exciting time, albeit a learning curve at times. Understandably, the pressures and advice on why the first year of marriage is important can be overwhelming. However, trying not to let these pressures interfere with the excitement of what the first year of marriage has in store is essential.

As the anniversary day approaches, finding ways to celebrate this special day and milestone is a must. To make it a year to remember, here are a few tips to help you create a capsule to celebrate a year of marriage.

Choose Between Physical Or Digital

Start with a debate when creating a capsule to celebrate your first year of marriage. Will you create a physical capsule or a digital one? A digital one means it can easily be distributed (should you choose to share it) and is less likely to get lost or destroyed. However, there is something about a physical capsule that can seem more personal. One of the reasons is that you can add more personal elements to it. For instance, you both could add an element of your wedding attire to the box, whether it be cufflinks, a veil, a tie, or a garter.

If you choose to go digital, you can include plenty of images, videos and music playlists that are snapshots of your first year of marriage. However, if you go down the physical route, you could include leaflets, tickets, and other small trinkets collected from places you visited together. These could be from your honeymoon or other adventures you embarked upon together. Alongside these, you can include photographs from your wedding, honeymoon and other trips you went on. If you have it, you could include the newspaper from the day of your wedding.

Plan Your Anniversary Celebrations

Along with featuring moments from your first year of marriage, plan out what you will be doing to celebrate a year of marriage. It is a special day, and understandably you will both want to do something special to remember what was an unforgettable day. You might be fortunate and have a few ideas on how to celebrate the day, or you could choose to surprise the other by arranging a secret celebration.

If you need help with ideas, head over to Greenvelope, which has a selection of anniversary ideas. You could choose one from the list of anniversary ideas or organize a selection. These moments can help you celebrate your first wedding anniversary, helping to ensure it is one to remember. Whichever way you choose to celebrate your anniversary, ensure that you take plenty of photographs. You can add these photographs into the capsule, whether it be a physical capsule or digital, alongside all of the other memories and momentums you choose to add.

Capture Any Special Moment

Of course, you need to fill a capsule with special momentums. Whilst you might have the professional photos taken from your wedding day, ask your friends and family that attended to send you the photographs and videos they took throughout the day. Their images will provide different angles and might even feature moments you did not notice. Looking through these can provide you with a new perspective on your special day. It will be like looking through your professional photos and wedding video for the first time again.

Along with wedding photos, ensure that you take images from your honeymoon. Take photographs of one another, have a couple’s photo and ask those passing by if they will take your photo. Capturing all of these moments provides you with something physical to look back on. It might even spark a memory of a funny story you forgot. With all these images, you can reminisce on the year that has passed and share them with friends and family.

Open In A Year (Or More)

On your wedding anniversary, or the days following, you could add all of your chosen elements to your capsule. Once you have filled it with some of your most cherished memories and memorabilia from your wedding day till now, you can close it up, lock it, and store it away. When your second wedding anniversary comes around, you could bring down your capsule and reflect on how far you both have come. You can also add a few tokens from your second year to the capsule.

As the years pass, this can be a sentimental tradition you both maintain. As you reach a milestone year, such as ten years, you can open the capsule back up and reflect on what has likely been an unforgettable journey. If your life now features little ones, this could be a great family activity to reminisce and share your love story with your children.