Criteria for Picking the Best Betting Sites – Tips by Tim Harrison

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As the number of bettors keeps increasing, so is the number of betting companies. Players now have numerous alternatives to choose from as it suits them.

A betting site requires licensing under a gaming board to show how credible and legitimate the platform provides betting services. However, some rotten eggs are still out there looking to trick bettors into getting away with their funds.

This is one of the reasons we have bookmaker review companies to provide information about the authenticity of the betting platform. They provide content by researching reviews, such as BetZillion’s review and reviews of other bookmakers that bettors may need. In an interview, Tim Harrison, a betting expert at BetZillion, discussed the criteria bettors need to choose the best betting sites.

What Are the Criteria for Picking the Best Betting Sites?

Betting sites ensure that they offer the best services to their members. Competition amongst these betting companies is prevalent as they desire to get more bettors to their various websites.

There are several factors why bettors would join a bookmaker over another. Most times, it is usually because of the features. However, as a bettor, you must ensure they possess some criteria before becoming an account owner on the site.

Let’s look at those criteria.

Integrity and Reliability

The reliability and integrity of a bookmaker are essential qualities to look out for in a bookmaker.

Check out:

  • site’s licensing and regulation,
  • reviews,
  • customer complaints,
  • management team,
  • reputation,
  • etc.

Once you discover the site’s reliability and trustworthiness, you become confident to join the sportsbook. However, if you notice or find out that the bookmaker isn’t reliable and its integrity calls for questioning,  it will be best to let go of that site.

Safety and Security

Bookmakers request your personal information during registration, and you also get to deposit funds into your account. These are the things that scammers look out for, and once they get their hands on your personal information or funds, it can be devastating to the bettor.

Protecting you from such occurrences should be paramount to a reputable online bookmaker. Your aim as a bettor is to place bets and earn money, while the betting site should focus on the safety and security of your details and money.

Betting sites that experience a breach in their encryption connections and security should be a no-go area for players to avoid unpleasant stories in the future.

Payout Options

Winning your bets has to be the most exciting part of being a bettor. Players eagerly withdraw funds from their betting account once the bet slip comes through.

It would be unfair for bettors to struggle to withdraw their funds after winning, so providing efficient payout processes and options is essential.

Payment speed is also a thing that ranks a betting site as top-notch. It would help if you didn’t wait hours or days to get your winnings.

Many betting platforms provide various payment options and pay instantly to bettors when they win. These are the sites where bettors should have an account with.

Game Options

Some games or sports are usually more pronounced on one betting site than another. Some may be heavy on offering football or horse racing, while some might be known for slot or table games.

You need to know the game options available on a bookmaker to help you decide if you want to start placing bets on their betting platform. Registering with a bookmaker and getting to know that they don’t offer your game options would not be enjoyable.

Furthermore, some betting sites provide abundant varieties of these games without a specialty so you can settle for that. Whichever way, ensure the betting site offers your favorite games, even if it’s Kabaddi.

Here is how a typical Kabaddi game can go:

User Experience

Bettors must be able to perform whatever activity or function a bookmaker efficiently provides. Struggling to locate a particular feature on a betting site is a no-no, especially for new customers just joining the site.

Once you notice that a betting site is old-fashioned or slow, it will do you a lot of good to ignore it because betting on that site can be frustrating.

Top betting sites should provide a fantastic user experience and a beautiful user interface that makes betting on the site fun.

Bonuses and Promotions

The betting industry faces a lot of competition, and these brands use bonuses to get players to their side.

These incentives come in various forms:

  1. the welcome bonus,
  2. free bets,
  3. cash prizes,
  4. etc.

While luring bettors to a betting site with bonuses can benefit the expansion of that site, it doesn’t necessarily mean they offer the best service.

It is where you must compare bonuses across betting sites to enable you to settle with a quality bookmaker with great bonuses and promotions.

Customer Support

Bookmakers’ quality of customer support is crucial to maintaining its status as a top brand.

Bettors need assistance when they encounter a problem or require help performing a task. It is where customer support comes in. Being responsive, prompt, and polite are factors bettors expect from customer service. Additionally, players want to be able to reach out to these website agents via various channels, so it’s essential to have as many ways to connect to the betting sites as possible.


There are both excellent and not-so-excellent betting sites. As a result, whatever platform a bettor decides to wager on matters a lot. So to make your betting experience pleasant, you must ensure that your bookmaker provides the criteria expected from a betting site, as we’ve listed in this guide. It will be an excellent time to review the manual to understand each standard.