Hemp Vs. CBD Gummies: What’s The Difference?

CBD gummies

Are you looking to try CBD but are confused between hemp vs. CBD gummies? Gummies have officially gone mainstream, with consumer demand skyrocketing due to their ease of use and palatable flavors. CBD and hemp gummies are chewy and easy to swallow. This makes them an ideal option for beginners and those who have trouble swallowing capsules. Gummies are also well-regarded as a less messy way to take accurate CBD doses. 

By the end of this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to tell the difference between hemp vs. CBD gummies and which is best for your needs. 

What Is the Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil? 

Although hemp oil is often compared to CBD oil, the two are very different ingredients. 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an active ingredient extracted from the flowers, leaves, and stems of cannabis plants (hemp and marijuana). Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating, meaning it cannot alter your state of mind or cause a euphoric ‘high’. CBD research has increased drastically over the last decade, with many purporting that the cannabinoid is a magical elixir that can help with everything from boosting your immune system to clearing your skin. According to preliminary studies, CBD can trigger changes in the body, resulting in significant health benefits. 

On the other hand, hemp oil or hemp seed oil is obtained from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds contain no CBD or any other cannabinoids. However, they are chock full of essential nutrients, omega fatty acids, proteins, polyphenols, and other bioactive compounds that provide numerous health benefits. Like CBD oil, hemp oil does not contain THC and hence cannot trigger a euphoric high. 

So, What’s The Difference Between Hemp Gummies Vs. CBD Gummies?

Now that you know the difference between hemp and CBD oil, it’s easy to distinguish between hemp and CBD gummies. CBD gummies are chewy candies that are infused with cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Available in numerous colors, shapes, and flavors, these edibles come in a range of CBD concentrations. For instance, some gummies can have 5 milligrams (mg) of CBD each, while stronger ones may have more than 20mg of CBD each. 

Hemp gummies are made by infusing hemp seed oil in sweet, chewy candies. They contain vitamins, trace minerals, and essential fatty acids that offer health benefits for your general well-being. Hemp gummies are an easy and discreet way to consume hemp seed oil without having to worry about its ‘bitter’ aftertaste. 

The Health Benefits of Hemp Gummies Vs. CBD Gummies 

It’s important to note that studies have been done to test the efficacy of pure CBD oil, not gummies. And even for pure CBD oil, research is still in its infancy, although preliminary evidence points towards possible health benefits. CBD oil is reported to offer relief from numerous conditions while promoting relaxation and a good night’s sleep. 

CBD gummies are available in different types, including broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD gummies. Unlike isolates, full and broad-spectrum CBD gummies are thought to offer more potent benefits due to the entourage effect. 

Hemp gummies do not offer the same benefits as CBD gummies since they have different chemical makeups. The active ingredients in hemp gummies have been attributed to benefits such as improving skin conditions and boosting overall health due to their anti-inflammatory properties. 

There is little scientific evidence to support hemp and CBD gummy benefits. However, users anecdotally report significant benefits, and there’s a likelihood of a strong placebo effect. (effects that cannot be attributed to the cannabinoid itself but rather to the consumer’s belief in the treatment). 

Who Can Benefit from CBD or Hemp Gummies? 

Proponents of CBD and hemp gummies claim that these products can help with everything from improving skin health, and boosting the immune system, to promoting relaxation.

Unlike oils and tinctures, gummies are a tastier and more convenient way to take CBD or hemp oil. Gummies are also incredibly easy to transport without the risk of spilling. So, if you’re a traveler who likes to keep your CBD or hemp oil on hand, gummies are the way to go. 

Final Thoughts 

CBD and hemp gummies are becoming incredibly popular due to their potential health benefits. However, it’s vital to note that CBD and hemp are two completely different products that offer unique benefits. As such, you should understand the difference between hemp vs. CBD gummies when purchasing the ideal product for your needs. Pregnant and nursing mothers and people under treatment should consult their healthcare providers before trying CBD or hemp products.