Dinah Mattingly: The Woman Behind Larry Bird’s Success

Dinah Mattingly

Larry Bird – one of the greatest basketball hall of fame and coach’s ex-wife is Dinah Mattingly. Many believe Larry, now employed as a basketball executive, is among the game’s all-time greats. Dinah and Larry Bird have been a married pair since 1989. Dinah Mattingly took on the role of stepmother to Corrie Bird upon her marriage to Larry. Larry had a child with his first wife, Janet Condra, and she was named Corrie. 

Mariah and Connor were adopted by Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird. However, in 2013, Connor, their son, was taken into custody and faced attempted murder charges. Due to the absence of proof, he was subsequently freed. Dinah Mattingly is one of those people who would rather stay out of the spotlight and seldom show up at public gatherings. She prefers to stay out of the spotlight, unlike her renowned spouse.

Dinah Mattingly and her relationship

While Dinah Mattingly was a college student, she met Larry Bird. She worked at ‘Indiana State University‘ in Terre Haute. Here is where Larry and Dinah both attended school. Dinah and Larry became engaged in the late 1980s after dating for a long time. A couple of years down the road, they made the decision to tie the knot. Dinah and Larry exchanged wedding vows in Indiana, USA, on October 31, 1989. Due to the small guest list, their wedding was kept under wraps. 

Larry and Dinah took home a boy and a girl via adoption. In February 2013, the arrest of their son Connor Bird at “Indiana University” made news. Connor Bird attempted to run over his ex-girlfriend with his automobile, which led to charges of attempted murder. Marijuana possession, armed intimidation, and criminal mischief were among his further allegations. But the accusations were finally withdrawn and Connor was freed. Additionally, Dinah Mattingly is related to Corrie Bird via her stepdaughter. Larry had a daughter, Corrie, with his ex-wife, Janet Condra, on August 14, 1977.

Personal life of Dinah Mattingly

American Dinah Mattingly came into this world on November 16, 1954. After finishing high school in Terre Haute, Dinah enrolled in previously known as “Indiana State University.” Even though she was the most renowned basketball player of all time, Dinah has kept a low profile throughout her life. Even at basketball games and other public events, she is a rare sight. Dinah does not participate in the social media scene as much as other well-known people. She and her spouse presently reside at their house in Indiana.

How did Dinah Mattingly support Larry Bird when times became tough?

The daughter of Bird’s first marriage, Corrie Bird, had little interaction with her father during his career. Reports surfaced in the early 1990s that a young Corrie requested permission to attend her father’s Boston retirement ceremony in a letter she allegedly addressed to him. Reportedly, Bird disregarded the directive.

After some time passed, Corrie came clean about her father’s absence from her life during an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Larry Bird and Corrie seemed to be back on good terms when he coached the Indiana Pacers after his playing career.

Reportedly, Corrie’s discussion with her dad began when his wife Dinah offered her tickets to a game. She recollected that once they had finished talking, the Hall of Famer embraced her and helped her to her vehicle. The Celtics great has been mum about the matter in interviews, but he has said that he is uninvolved because of the problems he had with his ex-wife.

But he nevertheless wrote to his daughter, praising the lady she had become and promising to stay at her side no matter what.

The fact that Bird’s longstanding wife stood with him over the years is rather remarkable, especially considering the relatively public issue involving their separated daughter.

End Note

The private life of Dinah Mattingly, ex-wife of NBA great Larry Bird, is mostly unknown. Mariah and Conner, two adopted children, are part of her private life, and she is a successful woman, loved wife and respected mother.

Dinnah and Larry have 30 years of marriage between them, and they are both native Indianans. Larry still lives in Indiana. Since Larry’s early days, Dinah has been an integral part of his professional life.

Dinah was an important part of his life, even though she is his second wife after his disastrous marriage to Janet Condra. Corrie, his biological daughter, and he were even reconciled after she helped him.

It is obvious that Dinah Mattingly is a major factor in her husband’s illustrious achievement. She exemplifies the ideal strong, reliable lady and companion in every way.


Who is Larry Bird’s ex-wife?

Larry Bird formerly married Janet Condra.

Do the Mattingly siblings, Don and Dinah, share any common ancestry?

Despite sharing a last name and being from Indiana, they are unrelated.

How did Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly first meet?

The friendship between Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly began during their time as undergraduates.

What is the biological name of Larry Bird’s children?

Larry Bird’s biological child with his ex-wife Janet is Corrie Bird.