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British Gas is a leading energy company in the U.K. It supplies household gas to homes in the area and provides electricity and appliance insurance to the public since 1998. The company started in the 1970’s after a merger of all gas boards in the U.K. The first name of the company was British Gas Corporation but it later changed to British Gas Plc. The company then split into Centrica plc and BG plc in 1997. The company now serves as a trading name for Centrica Plc.

Homecare Insurance

British Gas also provides a range of products including Homecare energy insurance products, general home insurance, electrical devices, smart home products, and services.

Homeowners can rely on Homecare instances to cover their homes against plumbing and drainage damages. It also covers central heating, home and gas appliances against damages. Instead of choosing the insurance options, customers can pay a technician from the company a one-off fee to fix a problem on these devices. You can find the British Gas Homecare contact number on the company website if you need help.

Homecare packages

The four Homecare insurance packages are Homecare 100, 200, 300, and 400. Each of the packages includes cover for annual boiler maintenance, as well as parts and labour costs. All the packages also cover the cost of sending professional Gas Safe engineers to do the repairs. As part of the cover, there is no limit on the call-outs per year and the helpline through the British Gas Homecare contact number is available throughout the day and week.

You can also get help from the company to install a new boiler for instance if your existing one has malfunctioned or is too old. The company’s engineers have more than 50 years of experience in fitting new boilers and will help anyone needing a new boiler in the U.K. If you decide to install a new boiler, there is a range of payment options from which to select. For existing customers with a warranty, the annual servicing of the boiler maintains the warranty.

During a service

During the servicing, engineers check for leaks, wear and tear on the boiler, and check if the boiler is working efficiently. Safety inspections are also part of the annual boiler service. They check that the boiler is not releasing carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. For this type of servicing, owners only need to worry about a few additional costs on the repair excesses. The excesses are in three categories of £0, £60, and £99. 

Landlords can also benefit from other insurance packages from British Gas company. For instance, they can cover their boilers, drainage systems, and plumbing systems against damage. The company, therefore, helps landlords to meet regulatory requirements for inspecting all gas appliances at their property. This requirement ensures the safety of tenants.

When the boiler breaks down at your rental property, the company will repair it to avoid inconveniencing the tenants. Anyone can also request the company to check on his boiler on his property. The company performs checks according to the details on the gas safety record. Owners who have more than one gas appliance on the gas safety record can select the one they want the company to inspect. However, the company can inspect all of them at an extra cost.

The company will provide regular maintenance of the gas boiler and after that, a Gas Safety Certificate. Homeowners can even contact the company to add a certificate when they need to. The customer only needs to contact the company using the British Gas Homecare contact number. In addition to the maintenance and repair of gas boilers, the insurance covers the repair and maintenance of electrical wiring and fixtures. British Gas also provides an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) required by law as part of a safety procedure to ensure tenants are safe.

Landlords who own more than 10 properties and want this service get exclusive treatment including account management by experts, adjusted prices on insurance, and emergency support at any time of the day and night. 

General Home Insurance Products

Also part of their products are the general home insurance products and clients can get information about them by calling the British Gas Homecare contact number. This general home insurance is different from Homecare insurance. The company has provided general home insurance for over 200 years now. This type of insurance protects different gadgets and equipment inside the house in addition to covering repair expenses on these devices. That means you do not pay from your pockets immediately to fix damage or to do repairs on these gadgets when they develop a problem. The insurance covers the cost of repairs for these items for instance when it damages completely or if a person steals them.

British Gas Homecare Insurance

The general home insurance products are put into three categories. One of the most important insurance options for homeowners is Buildings Insurance. This protects the entire building against fire damage and other kinds of damage. It covers the cost of repairing as well as rebuilding the home. You get cover against windows, sanitary ware, bathrooms, and other items in the house. This option also covers the expenses for alternative accommodation.

You can opt for the Buildings & Contents Insurance under general home insurance when you want to protect the entire home and the things in it. If you want to cover items like laptops, TV, and jewelry, the most appropriate will be the Contents Insurance option. It covers the cost of repairing and replacing these items even when they are stolen.    

Hive Heating Solutions

The company also provides HIVE heating solutions. This is for users who want to control their heating systems remotely. Through this service, homeowners can control their devices using apps on their mobile phones. This service helps homeowners to save up to £120 per year on their heating bills. According to the company, more than 1.5 million people are using this service.

However, active heating is only one type of product the company provides for smart homeowners. The company also provides sensors, smart meters, fault detection devices, security devices, lighting fixtures, and radiator valves for smart homes. Customers can control all the installed products using the mobile app. You even do not need to be a British Customer to enjoy the Hive products.

The company provides details on the cost for each service you may want. You can get information on how much you will pay and how often by getting a quote from the company website.
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