Esteban Carpio – The Murderer With A Face Mask

Esteban Carpio

If you follow crime and law channels on YouTube and binge-watch shows like Law & Order, the name Esteban Caprio must have come around sometime. Esteban Caprio’s crime story is very intriguing and one many followed as news heavenly followed it. Apart from the details of his crime, many people on the internet think as to why Esteban hid his face in that trial with a mask. Moreover, when exactly did Esteban Carpio vanish? And why has everyone been talking about him as of late? Many aspects of this life need further discussion. We did our due diligence and gathered as much information about him as possible. 

What Happened to Esteban Carpio?

To start, Esteban Carpio reportedly received a life sentence for his crimes. Esteban Carpio was guilty of killing a police officer in 2005. This follows according to reports in the media. Detective Sergeant James L Allen was the policeman who lost his life to Esteban during an alleged back and forth between the two as Esteban tried to flee from police custody. The event took place at the headquarters of the Providence Police Department. The court sentenced Esteban Caprio to life without payroll even though Esteban’s lawyers pushed for insanity. The officer said that Carpio was being questioned for stabbing an 85-year-old lady named Madeline Gatta in Providence. 

Why the Mask?

It’s discussed that as Allen (the late detective) questioned Carpio, he lost his gun to Caprio and got fatally shot twice with his own revolver. Caprio then made a shattered glass exit, leaping out of the third-floor interrogation room window. However, he didn’t make it far. After a chase that lasted 45 minutes, the law enforcement officials caught up to him. Cut to the courtroom and Caprio in a mask. 


While Caprio’s mother claimed police beat him. Police, on the other hand, said Caprio got the injuries due to the fall he took while resisting arrest. The inflamed eyes, puffy cheeks, and swollen cranial region Carpio displayed during his arraignment astonished the crowd in court, even though he was wearing a mask. At a press conference, Providence officers Chief Dean M. Esserman said that the suspect sustained his injuries when he leaped from a third-story window during a battle with officers. 

Additionally, after several sightings of Carpio in public wearing a mask, people started to wonder what was wrong with him. They have since learned that he was experiencing psychosis and was unable to control his behaviour, prompting police to put the mask on him to prevent him from biting and spitting at passersby. After hearing about Carpio’s unusual craziness, his alleged fiancée reportedly visited him at Rhode Island Hospital.

Where is he now?

The court imposed a life sentence on Esteban Carpio. Correctional facilities in the USA are being held at MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution on an indefinite life sentence. In court, he protested his innocence and said he had been wrongfully convicted. However, due to his mental illness, he was not capable of understanding the gravity of his actions and hence lacked criminal culpability. The appeal didn’t stand. For his part in the murders of an 85-year-old woman and a detective, he now faces this sentence.


What happened to Esteban’s face?

He jumped from the third-floor police interview room, after shooting Carpio. When questioned by a judge, Rhode Island State Police detective Christopher Zarrella admitted to fracturing three bones with a series of punches throughout the course of making the arrest.

Why did Esteban hit Clara?

Esteban’s girlfriend Clara, is a quirky and progressive woman. When Clara made him angry one night, he “lost control” and punched her in the face, sending her slamming against the wall. 

When Clara wed Esteban, how old was she?

Clara doesn’t start talking about her upcoming marriage until her eighteenth birthday. Clara agrees to marry Esteban when he comes to beg for her hand in marriage when she was 19.