Everything You Need to Know About Business Storage


Once upon a time, we had to tie ourselves into lengthy rental contracts to get any form of business storage. Or, in some cases, we had to use our homes for this purpose (and use them as a valid expense, we should add).

Suffice to say, neither option was desirable. It was expensive or inconvenient – and this is where external business storage came into the picture. Whether it is garages for rent, or small units within a big warehouse, the options are endless.

However, before you opt for such a solution, take a step back and read some of our tips to make sure you go with the right provider.

What will you be storing?

Hopefully, you already know the answer to this question.

While we touched upon garages at the start of this guide, these won’t be for everyone. This is an option which will naturally work brilliantly for vehicles, but also any equipment storage.

If you’re looking for document storage, it should go without saying that garages are rarely a good idea. Sure, if you’ve got boxes of papers, they might work, but there are more specialised options out there.

If you know exactly what you need to store, start to pick through the options. Garages are the main one, but there are smaller options as well that can serve you well.

Is the location important?

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about your next home, or business storage, location matters. Wherever in the country you are based, it will impact the price.

This is where it pays to be shrewd. Do you need to regularly access your items? If not, don’t prioritise location – it will only add to your costs.

Who will be accessing the storage?

In some ways, this links to the previous point. If it is just you, as a single business owner, who is accessing the storage, it goes without saying that the requirements are not quite as stringent.

However, if you have third parties collecting products and other items, you need to ensure that they have the infrastructure in place. Will the business storage owner allow third parties access? How will vehicular access work? Does this impact your insurance?

Make sure you investigate all of these issues before signing any sort of contract.

Is there any protection from the elements?

The term ‘garage’ or ‘storage’ might suggest that the answer to this question should be a resounding ‘yes’.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There are some forms of storage that are effectively old garages and will offer little protection to your items. For some of you, this won’t be a concern, but many will require a more robust solution.

We can also link this point into security. After all, if the weather is allowed to encroach your storage, there’s a high probability that the same might be said for criminals! Again, it pays to be vigilant, and while this might not seem like a major investment for your business due to the lower costs nowadays, we would always suggest that you personally visit these premises before signing any sort of contract. You’ll know immediately if your goods are going to be safe and well.