The Old Grannies Memes: TikTok Inspiring Story of a 94-Years Old Woman

Old Grannies Tiktok

Do not search “old grannies” on Google and do not even read this article. But you are still going to read this article anyway. This is the most interesting side of human psychology. Sometimes, when we are asked not to do something, we definitely do that out of our curiosity.

This is what exactly goes viral trend on TikTok. TikTok users are recently pranking and insisting each other to google search on specific things by using the phrase “I warn you not to do it”, or something similar phrases. But when you forbid someone to do something, he or she becomes more interested in doing that. A very similar has happened with “old grannies” and people are falling for this trend on TikTok and as a result, a massive google search has occurred on “old grannies”. However, on the other side, there is an inspiring story of an old woman behind “old grannies”.

The Story Behind Old Grannies TikTok Memes:

If you think that your age limits you to do certain things, then this story is for you. The story is about a 94-years old woman, Grandma Chainz from China who has become extremely famous on social media platforms for her HipHop dance and other comic videos. All this started when her grandson started making her videos and uploading them on the TikTok platform. A lot of social media users appreciated her energy at this age and showed love for her ardor. The way she looks at her life is really inspiring to the people of any generation.

Then she appeared with a separate account where she started to upload her videos on different memes from several social media platforms. On her TikTok account, “TheChainzFamily”, there are 5.3 million followers and they follow about 2.3 K accounts. Grandma’s account has received a total of 90.5 million likes from just 610 videos. She has become the sensation of social media platforms in the name of “ grannyTikTok memes”. Another factor that fueled the popularity of Grandma is the use of phrases like “Do not search old grannies on Google” by the TikTok users and the users of other social media platforms.

The Bottom Line of the Story:

While we consider that TikTok is for the new generation, Grandma breaks the boundary. In general, the duration of TikTok video clips varies from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, and to attract viewers within this limited time, you have to be very creative and funny. When a video gets recognition, it does not stay only on that platform, instead, the video becomes the trend of several social media platforms. This way, once Grandma Chainz became popular on TikTok, she also started to become a huge trend on several other platforms. She has only six years to celebrate her centurion and what she is doing at this age is just incredible.

One thing that this story definitely makes us learn is that your age can not be your limitation. If you want to fly, the sky is your limit.