Existing strategies for playing slot machines

slot machines

Martingale, its antipode – Anti-Martingale, a very energy-consuming Zigzag – what only cunning, clever, and frankly funny methods have not invented gamblers to feel more confident and lucky when playing the slot machines. But it’s worth understanding that whatever strategy you choose, the first thing you have to make sure of is choosing a casino that is safe to play, and online casino reviews uk will help you do that.

Common betting systems

A variety of gaming systems for gambling earnings are almost always used with certain reservations, so they can not provide a one hundred percent guarantee of winning. And yet, gamblers are persistently trying to go against logic, to drive the will of changing fate in the limited framework of simplified strategies.

Slot machines employ similar methods to those used in card games, roulette, and other online casino games.  The exterior of slot machines is a bright, colorful, interesting and exciting game in which the player bets small amounts per spin. As a result, the game draws the player in, and gradually he loses more money than he planned or could have imagined when approaching the machine.

  • On this principle, the gambler imperceptibly plums a large sum of money. This is the addictive strategy of game slots, for this they are called “one-armed bandits.

Martingale system for slot machines

The essence of the strategy Martingale to win on video slots is the following: if you lose, the next bet should be double. If lost and she, then the next bet is twice as much, and so on.

As we see from the mathematical rationale, the system does not work. And it is unclear how it should be applied to slot machines where winnings are almost always different from the payouts of 1 to 1 due to the payout ratio on the different lines and symbols. The more so, that with a constantly increasing rate you will quickly run up against the “ceiling” MaxBet.

  • In our opinion, it is better to start the game with medium bets at once and stay on them until you win or lose, than to spin once for each value of bets.


For gamblers who use the Martingale strategy, there is another system – Anti-Martingale. As the name of the system makes clear, it is the opposite of the previous one, and its essence is to halve the bet after losing and double the bet when winning. Many players argue that this is a more correct game strategy for behavior on the slot machines,

  • because in this case, we lose less in periods of failure and win more in good moments.

ZigZag gaming system.

There is another strategy for the game, called Zigzag.

The essence of the gaming system Zigzag is that the player plays then one, then another slot machine, changing it after each rotation. The point of this movement is to increase the player’s chances of winning by spinning the next slot.

We must say that this is a very funny thing. And, although in online mode, the opening of two (up to four) slot machines can be imagined, and the hardware is implemented, such as NetEnt operators, in a real casino jumping and clicking different machines will look, at least, funny.

  • The main thing to remember is that the possibility of winning the jackpot or a significant amount of money depends entirely on the random number generator (RNG) and the machine is absolutely indifferent to what system the player uses, regardless of whether he plays one slot machine or five simultaneously.