George Foreman Spouse, Net Worth & Fame After The Movie

George Foreman

Before 2023 if anyone asked who George Foreman is, their probable answer would be the famous Grill brand or some influencer. However, after the success of Big George Foreman, a Hollywood movie based on real events, George Foreman, the ex. Heavyweight champion instantly came into the spotlight and people across America and the world wanted to know more about him, especially George Foreman Spouse, whose fictional character played an integral role in sharing George the hero he became. 

So, who is George Foreman Spouse, and what’s his family background and kids, let’s go deeper into Geroge’s life and explore various facets of his existence.

George Foreman Spouse

Right off the bat, let’s have clarity on George Foreman’s spouse. George has been married 5 times. His first marriage was to Adrienne Calhoun. The marriage lasted between 1971 and 1974. They had a child together named – Michi Foreman. Adrienne Calhoun sadly passed away in 2016 at the age of 63. His second wife was almost out of her teens when she and George fell for each other and married in 1977. The marriage lasted only 2 years and ended in 1979. During her interviews, she explained that their marriage was extremely unhappy which became one of the reasons why they separated. 

However, George found his next love in Sharon Goodson who has little to no digital footprint. But, sources indicate that they were married for just a year between 1981 – 1982. In 1982, after his separation from Sharon, George married Andrea Skeete. She and George had a happy marriage between 1982 and 1985. During this period they both had two children – Freeda Foreman and George Foreman III. The next and final George Foreman Spouse to whom he is still married to is Mary Joan Martelly. She and George have enjoyed a married life of over 35 years. Together they had 5 children – George Foreman IV, Natalie Foreman, George Foreman V, Leola Foreman, George Foreman IV. 

In totality, George has 4 ex-wives with whom he had short relationships. It was in 1985 he found the love he would spend his life with and he has been married to her since. 

George Foreman Fame After The Movie

Post the release of Big George Foreman and its consecutive success on the American Box Office, George has found himself back in the American Households. He has become an instant hit among the youth too. Being an integral part of the marketing team for the movie, George also went on various shows for promotions and garnered a lot of media attention. 

George Foreman Net Worth

Apart from his career as a boxer, George also flourished as an entrepreneur and author. As of 2023 his net worth stands at an estimated $300 million. 


Did Muhammad Ali and George Foreman box?

Yes,  Muhammad Ali and George Foreman boxed together in the fight held on October 30th, 1974. The fight got an audience of over a billion from across the globe and stands as one of the most successful boxing events of the time. 

Who is George Foreman’s spouse currently? 

Mary Joan Martelly is George Foreman’s current spouse. They married in 1985 and have 5 kids together.