Only Real Gamblers Practice These Golden Rules of Casino Roulette

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Gamblers, want to make the roulette more exciting than it already is? Win more games, and we’ll show you how. While acing all roulette games is unrealistic, proven strategies exist to help you master and tame the casino roulette wheel like a pro. Sure, every gambler has a personal form they swear by, but getting additional tips under your belt won’t hurt. So, let’s get to it.

It’s Not a Chase, Take Your Time

Your last casino game was over a month ago, and you’re dying for the thrill of seeing that wheel spin 38 times for the next hour. We get it. But before you place a bet, the one thing you want to spin is your head around the roulette table. What’s the aura like? Can you smell some aggressiveness? Foul words making rounds? Worried about alcohol consumption? Although trivial, these could be signs of a ticking time bomb. Should anything go wrong as they sometimes do, you run not only the risk of losing your money but also some teeth and your sanity as well. Besides, such behaviors tend to point towards higher chances of rigging.

As a rule of thumb, avoid tables that scream or whisper trouble.

At All Costs, the American Roulette isn’t Your Friend

If you’re still green in the Casino roulette game, an insider’s rule is that you should avoid the American roulette. Essentially, the roulette game comes in either European or American roulette variants. The difference comes in the presentation of the roulette wheel. The American version features an extra pocket since its wheel has a second green slot bearing a “00” double zero. Do you know what this means? Your chances of winning a bet while playing the American roulette are 1 out of 38, compared to the 1out of 37 you get with the European roulette. Plus, the payouts are the same for both versions, so why trouble yourself?

Before Betting, Think Through How Much You Want to Put on the Table

“How much should I bet on Roulette?” is a question we hear often. And to be honest, unless you have a secret trove that churns out cash, we don’t recommend placing bets blindly. First, do you know your table’s maximum and minimum bets? Great. Now, how sizable your bet is will depend on the portion of your wallet you can comfortably dedicate to that gambling night and how much time you intend to take there. For instance, if a roulette wheel is spinning about 40 times in one hour and you have three hours to indulge, you should be able to withstand 120 spins. At 1 euro per spin, 120 spins translate to about 120 euros to make the whole 3 hours. Assuming a low limit of I euro and a high limit of 9 euros, we’d recommend placing bets of about 6 euros each.

Place Even Money Bets

As we mentioned earlier in the post, the idea of a surefire roulette strategy is an illusion. It simply doesn’t exist. But, placing even money bets boosts your odds significantly. Examples are red/black and even/odd. This system aligns will roulette strategies except for the James Bond strategy.

Never Miss the Chance to Claim a Bonus.

Accepting a welcome bonus or the rewards offered to beginner online casino players will cushion you when the going gets tough. Take advantage of them.


At the end of the day, the best roulette strategy is one that blends in betting choices, experience, and strategy. Finally, when playing online, always go with sites that are licensed.