How High Tech Warehousing & AI Come Together to Streamline Processes

Tech Warehousing & AI Come

Warehousing has undergone a radical transformation since the post-WW2 days when everything was done manually; then came the digital explosion, which brought with it systems and devices that made inventory management a breeze. Warehouse automation began to surface in the late 1980s, as business owners looked to maximize their space, while software developers were hard at work automating systems.


The robotics industry is leaving everyone behind and warehousing benefits from machines that sort and stack; of course, manufacturing is leading the way with robotics, but today’s futuristic warehouse employs a range of robotic systems that are designed specifically for the environment and tasks required. When complex robotic systems need to be installed, a leading UK white glove logistics company such as Rhenus High Tech handles the entire operation. Manufacturer-approved technicians transport, install and maintain technical equipment, and this sector is booming, with more and more businesses wishing to automate what they can.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is going to change the world forever and machine learning is already managing state-of-the-art warehouses; Check out some of the YouTube videos showing full warehouse automation and you’ll be amazed at how far we’ve come. Automated systems are managed by special neuron-based programs that do everything and require minimal human interaction. Click here for more information on how AI is integrating with automation.

Sorting & Picking

State-of-the-art equipment can sort and pick much faster than a human ever could and what’s more, the equipment never makes mistakes. Laser scanning equipment reads labels that ensure items end up where they are supposed to be and the equipment can work day and night if need be. The 3PL sector is booming, thanks to the rise of online shopping, and warehouse automation is a very attractive proposition for 3PL business owners.

Maximizing Efficiency

AI control means maximizing efficiency, plus the number of employees you need is reduced thanks to automation. The benefits are many, especially for the busy warehouse and third-party logistics providers that service the growing e-commerce sector, where sorting, picking, and packing is carried out with automation. If there is a quicker and cheaper way to do something, AI will find it and who knows where AI will eventually take us? To some it is a little scary; there are those that believe AI will be the last invention humanity ever makes and there does need to be some form of regulation for the industry otherwise we might end up being taken over by Terminator-style humanoids.

If you would like to learn how warehouse automation can help your business, Google can help you locate the best provider and with their expertise, your business will be more productive. The Internet of Things is just over the horizon and this will provide a platform for all automated processes, not just the warehousing sector.

The world is rapidly changing and as we enter a new dimension of digital tech, you can expect to see more hi-tech equipment when you are out and about and the world will be a nicer place for all of us.