Herb Plants – Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home

Herb Plants

Not only are herbs excellent for enhancing your creations but they can also bring a delightful touch of nature and vitality to your home ambience. Regardless of whether you possess a balcony or a roomy backyard, there exists an array of methods to integrate herb plants seamlessly and decorate your home with these plants into your living area. In this article, we’ll delve into some pragmatic concepts, for beautifying your home using herbs.

The Basics of Decorating with Plants

Adding plants as decor brings a sense of liveliness and energy to your home. It does not enhance the appeal but also provides advantages such as purifying the air and reducing stress. Selecting the plants that fit well with the lighting and space in your home holds significant importance. Creating an eye-catching arrangement involves combining types, sizes, shapes and textures of plants. 

This can be further enhanced by using planters and containers. Where you place these plants is crucial, for drawing attention to areas or achieving a visual composition, within a room. To keep your decor looking lively it’s important to water the plants, provide them with adequate sunlight exposure, nourish them with nutrients and occasionally trim them.

Creative Plant Display Ideas

Herb plants are a way to infuse your home with vitality and a sense of freshness. Nor do they bring a touch of green to your decor. They also offer a delightful source of fresh ingredients, for your culinary adventures. Below you’ll find some suggestions for displaying your herb plants in your home allowing you to showcase their beauty and functionality.

Living Art

Enhance the appeal of your space by creatively arranging your herb plants, on a wall or shelf. Consider using an assortment of planters or terrariums with varying shapes and sizes. Experiment with types of herbs to achieve a vibrant and visually appealing display.


You can easily add herb plants to your display by using a mix of planters, books and other decorative items. This will create an arrangement. Additionally, try placing your herb plants on a stand to elevate them and add visual interest.

Plant Stand

A plant stand is an option for showcasing your herb plants in an area. Opt for a tiered plant stand to maximise space and enhance appeal. Additionally, you can utilise a plant stand to create a captivating centrepiece within a room.


You have options when it comes to displaying herb plants. For a rustic appearance, you can use terracotta pots. If you want to add a touch to your decor, colourful ceramic planters would be a choice. Additionally hanging planters work well in spaces.

Plant Wall

You can set up a plant wall by suspending your herb plants on a wall using types of planters or terrariums. It’s a method to bring attention to an area, in a room and introduce more visual appeal.


Terrariums offer an opportunity to showcase your herb plants in limited spaces. Utilise glass terrariums to craft miniature gardens or opt, for ones to make a bold statement within a room. Additionally, you can employ a terrarium as a centrepiece, for your dining table adding an element of uniqueness and charm.


Herb Plants

Adding herb plants to your home decor is an idea because they have benefits such as purifying the air, reducing stress and improving mental health. To become a plant parent it’s important to understand the needs of each herb including how much sunlight and water they require, as well as the type of soil and pot size they prefer.

Growing your plant collection by setting up a propagation station can be a way to add diversity to your homegrown plants. Taking care of these plants not only brings vibrant colours and liveliness to any area but also provides long-lasting benefits, in the future.

If you like the idea of introducing plant life to your home and having a living wall, but don’t want to have to constantly maintain or worry about mess from real plants, you might instead decide to switch out to an artificial alternative. UK supplier Grass Warehouse, for instance, recommend using artificial green walls in apartment spaces or rentals.