How to Increase the Space of Your Bedroom

Space of Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a uniquely important part of the home. At the very least, it’s where you’ll spend your time asleep. Given that the quality of your sleep affects your waking life in myriad ways, it’s worth designing the space to allow you to drop off smoothly.

A declutter will help with this. If you’re surrounded by junk as you drift off, you might find it difficult to truly relax. If, on the other hand, the room feels spacious and clear, sleep might come easily.

So, how do you generate space in a bedroom? Let’s take a look at a few worthwhile considerations.

Rethink Arrangements

It might be that the basic layout of your room leaves something to be desired. By simply moving the bed, you can create a hugely different feel. Experiment with the space, and see what feels natural. While it might seem paradoxical, you can often give yourself more space by simply dividing the room according to function. So, you might have a dedicated sleeping area, and a dedicated dressing area, with a suitable item of furniture in the centre acting as a divider.

Utilise various storage spaces

Storage space becomes vitally important if you want to reduce clutter and enhance the sense of roominess. In a bedroom, there are several popular ways of installing extra storage.

The place to start is usually the space beneath the bed. If you have a divan with built-in drawers, then make sure you’re getting the maximum use from them. Under-bed storage boxes might also come in handy. They’ll save you from reaching under the bed in search of a specific item. Just take out the relevant box, and it’ll be right there.

It’s also important to think vertically. Floor-to-ceiling shelves, and floating shelves over the bed itself, might give you extra room to play with. Think about bespoke over-bed wardrobes: they generate storage without consuming any of the previous floor space. As you consider optimizing your bedroom’s layout and storage, think about the role your bed plays in space usage. Double size beds can be a smart choice for those looking to balance comfort with spatial efficiency. With a variety of design options, these beds can offer ample sleeping space without overwhelming the room. Additionally, many double beds come with built-in storage options such as drawers or even lift-up frames, making them ideal for storing bedding, out-of-season clothing, or other items, thereby helping to keep the bedroom tidy and spacious.

In some cases, you might even raise the bed to make room for extra cupboards, drawers, and even entire desk setups. This is great for students and those working from home – or for anyone with a small room that needs extra space.

Consider Getting an Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds are those that fold upwards, allowing you to access the space beneath all at once. They offer an incredible amount of storage, often with gas-powered arms that make them easy to access. Ottomans are in style right now, and come in a range of styles. The only downsides are the price, and the weight. Once you install one of these beds, you probably won’t want to start moving it from place to place!

Image by pressfoto on Freepik