Is 5G Further Increasing the Demand of the Gaming Market Across the World?


The development of 5G has the potential to revolutionize the gaming world. It will enable new video game technologies to be developed and allow gamers to connect from across the globe. Now every mobile game, from action adventures to mobile slot games, can be enjoyed without any interruptions.

What is 5G?

Following on from the widely used 4G, 5G is the latest 5th generation mobile network that is vastly improved compared to the ability of its predecessor. 5G offers users faster download speeds and a more reliable experience while also being more widely accessible than previous versions.

5G is rapidly gaining popularity, even though it has only been available for a short time. It is expected that over the next few years, there will be an explosion of new 5G users and devices with 5G capability.

How will 5G affect the gaming industry?

Mobile gaming is now the most popular way to play video games, making it an ever-growing market. This is because it is easy for gamers to access mobile games now that handheld devices feature the improved technology needed to enable popular titles to be played. Playing these games on a mobile device is also convenient as there are no restrictions, allowing gamers to enjoy playing while out and about.

Faster speeds

The improved speed 5G offers is unbeatable compared to the current speeds 4G provides. In fact, it is ten times faster than 4G, which will significantly improve the mobile gameplay experience.

5G connection allows games to be downloaded at an unbeatable speed improving streaming capabilities. No longer will gamers have to wait hours for their favorite game to finish loading or suffer from broken gameplay due to poor streaming. 5G will also offer a new multiplayer experience with its improved reliability. This will bring the mobile video game community closer together and make multiplayer games more accessible for all players. 

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Reduced latency

Currently, lag is a real problem when using wireless devices for playing video games. The delay between a controller and the game can destroy gameplay and quickly leads to frustration.

Instead, latency problems will be a thing of the past with a 5-millisecond delay. This is significantly reduced from 4G’s 20-millisecond delay, showing how 5G can revolutionize wireless gameplay by providing a smoother, seamless experience. For comparison, our brains register at 20 milliseconds, so 5G’s reduced latency will enable wireless devices to be used with no noticeable lag.

Cloud gaming

The future of video games is heading towards using the cloud to stream games, allowing players to connect with each other for interactive video game experiences. This is only achievable using 5G connectivity due to the network speed needed to stream high-quality games.

The cloud is venturing towards using local cloud servers instead of the commonly used central server to further increase responsiveness and streaming speeds. This will be achieved using Edge servers to synchronize gameplay, providing users with exceptional mobile gaming opportunities.

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How 5G can shape the future of gaming

Technology has been rapidly improving over recent years, but often these developments have been restricted by the network capabilities available. The release of 5G is just what the video game industry has been waiting for to enable mobile networks to catch up with virtual and augmented reality development.

Virtual reality

Gaming enthusiasts have been patiently awaiting the improved gameplay experience that virtual reality has promised, but in fact, this has not been developed as quickly as first thought. Now that 5G is here, virtual reality can reach its potential, as latency issues and network speed limitations no longer restrict its development. Graphics can run smoothly on 5G with improved connection speeds to give players unbeatable realistic gameplay. It also enables wireless headsets to be used to their capability limits with no frustrating lag. 

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Augmented reality

The use of augmented reality to play mobile games is an exciting development that so far has only really been utilized by the Pokemon Go game. This ultimate immersive technology enables players to become part of their video game world.

However, augmented reality is currently limited in its field of view and is very battery-heavy, massively reducing playing time. However, it is hoped that 5G can be used to correct these issues and turn augmented reality into wearable technology that all gamers can access.

Increased demand for gaming technology

The gaming industry is currently booming, but the availability of 5G and its use within the mobile gaming market is driving unprecedented demand. 5G also has the potential to enable the development of new technologies, previously restricted by the 4G network, showing that the future is bright for mobile games.