How Custom-Built Software Helps Business


Custom-built software is simply software that is designed and built specifically to fit your business requirements. It could be any type of software to fulfill any purpose including accounting, cloud backups, CRM, CMS, project management, sales entry, invoicing, scheduling, eCommerce, and so on.

But considering the fact that you could use off-the-shelf software instead, the big question is: Why invest in custom-built software? And the answer to that is simple – it can help your business in several ways.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Unlike off-the-shelf software that is built to provide generic functionality for a wide audience of users, custom enterprise software development fits the needs of your business. In other words, you get to decide exactly what features you need, how it should work, and design it to fit into your existing business processes.

Because of this approach, custom software can help simplify your business processes rather than complicating them. In some cases may even integrate features from what would otherwise typically require two or more types of software, making things easier for employees.

And to top it all off, custom software will give you full access to data from the software, which can be used to make data-driven business decisions.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employees often struggle when they’re suddenly forced to use new software that they may not be familiar with. In many cases, they find that they need to try to adapt their current workflow to fit the new software and may have to create various workarounds in the process.

With custom-built software, that isn’t really a problem. The software can be designed based on your employees’ existing workflows and business processes so that it fits in as smoothly as possible. Because it is a bespoke solution, employees shouldn’t need as much training to use the software either.

Suffice to say, custom software will be less of a challenge for your employees and more of a useful tool – which will definitely increase their satisfaction levels.

Allow Business Expansion

Almost every off-the-shelf software has certain limitations but with custom software you can decide what limitations are (or aren’t) present. In short, you can design it so that it allows your business to expand and easily add new products or services, hire more employees, open up in new locations, or grow in any other way.

Assuming you’ve already projected your business growth for the next few years you can ensure that the custom software you build caters to it. Additionally, it can be built modularly so that it is easy to alter or update parts of it if necessary as your business expands.


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Make no mistake, custom software can be a huge help to your business and it is something you should seriously consider. Just be sure to carefully plan it out so that you get the most out of it.