3 Tools Business Managers and Supervisors Need Right Now

Business management tools

Technology can be the key to unlocking a range of opportunities in any business landscape. The right tech can help you serve your customers on more channels or make your staff members more efficient by helping to find information in seconds. In the last couple of years, the pandemic has prompted companies from all industries and backgrounds to increase their investment into innovative tools, to help support and empower staff in a distributed workplace. However, enabling a workforce full of hybrid and remote workers isn’t just about giving your day-to-day staff the right technology. Providing your supervisors and managers with the correct technology solutions is also an essential part of keeping your organization running smoothly. The question is, which tools are most important for people in leadership roles?

Workforce Optimization and Management Tools

Workforce management tools and workforce optimization are essential in the age of hybrid work because they help business leaders and supervisors to keep track of everything from task completion rates, to shift patterns. If your business is increasingly becoming more distributed, with employees working on the field, from home, and in the office, then WFO software could be the key to ensuring teams are meeting deadlines and delivering results. WFO (workforce optimization) and WFM (workforce management) tools are becoming increasingly valuable for the hybrid workforce, and many include useful reports and analytics business leaders can use to better organize their staff members. You can usually integrate WFM and WFO software with the other essential tools your staff is using on a regular basis too, like helpdesk technology and collaboration tools (such as Microsoft Teams).

Fleet Management Tools

While workforce management and optimization tools will help you to keep track of your overall workforce and their schedules, you’ll need a special kind of technology to help manage specific employees in your business fleet. If you have commercial vehicles you need to keep track of, then a fleet management solution is the best way to ensure you’re collecting the right information to make the right decisions for your team. A complete vehicle management solution should include everything from real-time GPS tracking to productivity and team performance tracking, compliance, and fleet telematics. Make sure you can keep a close eye on everything from fuel usage to the kind of routes your employees are taking to get to their destination. This will help you to make your team more efficient.

Cloud Collaboration Tools

Finally, as a manager dealing with an increasingly versatile collection of employees in a range of different environments, cloud collaboration tools will be essential. Keeping your team members connected through the cloud will help to ensure staff members can continue to share ideas, bond with their colleagues, and build company culture wherever they are. Collaboration tools in the cloud are also perfect for ensuring your team members can access crucial knowledge and information from wherever they are, so they don’t have to rush back and forth to the office to get extra documents and guidance. Remember, the right technology doesn’t just make a manager’s job easier, it ensures they can continue to deliver better support to the teams they’re supervising too.