How the Latest Technology Is Being Used in Sport

Technology and Sport
Image Credit: Pixabay

Technology and sport have always been linked, with the latest ideas used to improve the performance of athletes and the enjoyment of the spectators watching them. This connection has been growing stronger as new advances emerge, with the following some of the most interesting ways that technology has helped sports recently.

Ice Fishing Made Easier

Ice fishing has been used as a survival method in harsh climates for centuries and for most of that time it was done simply by carving a hole in the ice and trying to spear some fish. More recently, it has become a popular winter sport with the introduction of ice houses or shacks in the late 20th century making it a more comfortable experience. Huge events like the Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza in Brainerd, MN, and the World Ice Fishing Championship have helped to introduce it to more people.

Among the best technology currently used, live sonar allows anglers to see real-time movements of fish under the ice, which is easier to use than traditional sonar and helps to reduce the difficulty level by letting us know whether there are any fish under the ice. As explained by the Meateater website’s look at this technology, underwater fishing cameras can now show high-quality, color images to help you. Remember that all of this technology needs to be robust enough to deal with freezing temperatures over long periods of time.

Live Betting Is Easily Accessible

Sports betting is another activity with a long history, as ancient cultures in Greece and Rome were among those where betting on sports was popular. This typically meant placing a bet in the arena or stadium before local betting shops appeared, giving gamblers an easier way to place their bets. Since then, the internet has provided a way of very easily betting at any time and from anywhere.

Live betting has taken this to a new level, with the Sportingtech site confirming that they cover hundreds of thousands of live events on many different sports each year. Players can bet on numerous markets, such as the next goal scored, half-time score, and so on. The ability to bet as the action is going on is possible because the software gathers feeds from around the planet and instantly works out the most appropriate odds based on all the information available.

AI to Find and Recruit the Best Players

Identifying talent is one of the key aspects of successful sports teams, and this means that they have developed scouting operations across the globe. They traditionally watched players in person and decided whether to carry on tracking them until they were ready to make an offer. It was a hugely expensive and often inefficient use of resources that is gradually being replaced by new ways of working.

The ScoutUS Pro app is a good example of how this works in the modern world, as it allows athletes to upload videos of themselves to the platform for professional scouts to check out. Clubs are also increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze huge amounts of data and find the right stars for their exact needs.

Expect to see technology used more frequently in the sports world in these and other ways from now on, as the power of the latest technology is used in exciting and innovative ways.