These 2024 techtrends are here to stay

2024 techtrends

Technology is known to be extremely quick in its yearly developments. Who would have thought for example that everyone would one day make payments through their phone instead of using a credit card? But what 2024 techtrends are here to stay? Keep on reading to find out.

Dedicated hosting

The first 2024 techtrend that’s here to stay is dedicated hosting. Yes, dedicated hosting has been around for a long time now. So why is it suddenly so popular as a hosting option? More and more people are starting to realise how vulnerable shared hosting is. The solution then is to opt for a type of hosting where one does not share the data server with anyone else. Together with cloud hosting, hosting providers such as Hypernode predict that these types of hosting will only increase in popularity.


The biggest techtrend of 2024 will undoubtedly be Artificial Intelligence (AI). The previous few years we have already seen how useful it is for answering questions or helping write content. There are many more handy applications out there for AI. Did you for example know it is possible to produce AI pictures that are extremely realistic already? The use of AI will become permanent from 2024 onwards, that is one thing we are very sure of.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another technological trend that is finally showcasing its potential. This is due to the fact that the Apple Vision Pro was released earlier this year. WIth this virtual headset, the possibilities of VR have become a lot more accessible. This has led to a rise in popularity and demand for VR content, not just in entertainment but also in education and training. Many app developers are already bringing out extremely innovative apps on the market, of which many will have a profound impact on the average internet user.

Smart homes

2024 is also the year where smart homes are more common than homes that do not use the internet of things in first world countries. Many countries in Europe for example are motivating their citizens to save as much energy as possible, and smart technology such as smart thermometers aids in this mission. It wouldn’t be surprising to see kitchens soon where every single appliance is connected to the internet.


Finally, blockchain technology has more or less been embraced by the public in 2024. While there initially was a lot of scepticism due to cryptocurrency and NT scandals, many companies have released truly useful applications based on blockchain. Think for example of secure voting systems or supply chain management. So, what can we expect in the coming years? Most probably there will be further advancements and implementations of this technology.

Image by user6702303 on Freepik