How to Optimise Your Supply Chain to Avoid Delays in Delivery

Supply Chain
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Supply chain management is the core of concern for the Australian corporate sector. Any delay or commodity movement disruptions can put the supply chain into topsy-turvy, thus causing market chaos both from micro and macro angles of the business economy, as demand-supply issues are directly related to it.

If you are shipping and transporting commodities, your first concern should be to streamline the fast movement of means of transportation carrying the load. If the traditional road route is blocked for some reason, you must find an alternative route to reach the destination right in time.

The Procurement Services (Government of South Australia) has suggested ways and means to optimize your supply chain business. It has emphasized the importance of mitigating risk and taking the help of technical innovations, besides having a smooth logistics plan as the core aspects of ensuring hassle-free delivery and efficient supply chain management across the country.

Methods to Optimize Supply Chain to Avoid Delivery Delays

You should never allow any disruption in supply chain management. The transportation must be optimized From the loading to the delivery point.

Here are five supply chain optimization techniques you can implement in your logistics for efficient consignment delivery from one point to another.

Time Management:

Optimization of time is extremely important as any delay in reaching the goods at the end or receiving point may create a lot of chaos.

It can create a scarcity of goods, particularly essential commodities may occur if there is any disruption in timely delivery. In addition, the price of essential commodities, including daily use ones like vegetables, milk, meat, and fish, may increase due to shortages in the market.

Team Management:

Supply chain management involves several persons at several points. For example, you have loaders at the loading point while you employ persons to unload the consignment at the endpoint. Some are monitoring the movement of trucks or vehicles through electronic gadgets.

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Shortest Route Planning:

You must have a prior route plan to optimize your supply chain.

Taking the shortest possible route for the delivery of goods can be helpful in the following circumstances:

  • Route disruption may occur due to floods, landslides, or any other natural causes. You need to know alternative routes at such a time.
  • The shortest route study from the loading to the unloading point is necessary to carry the shipment on time.

Optimize a Consignment-based transportation plan:

You should carry different consignments as a shipper. Some may be motor cars, and some carrying textile products. This makes it imperative for you to arrange the truck or any other vehicle mode best suited for the consignments. All vehicles cannot carry all consignments. Some may require smaller vehicles, while some require large ones.

Network and Contingency Plan:

From starting point till its delivery end (point), your vehicle may encounter several problems, issues, and even dangers.

You stand to gain if you have already set up networks at different points that fall from the starting point to the delivery point. You can communicate with your networked people at regular intervals to inform them about your vehicle’s safety.

If your vehicle gets broken down at a particular place on the way, your networked people can help you by sending mechanics to repair the vehicle. In extreme cases like a road accident, these people can arrange alternative vehicles and loaders to offload and load consignments in another vehicle.

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In Conclusion

Any good logistics chain company follows the latest techniques to quickly load the consignments, follow the shortest route chart for the destination and offload the consignment at the endpoint per the agreed-upon schedule.

The supply chain concerns almost all consignments like minerals, oil, sundry consumer items, cloths, industrial goods, heavy machinery, logs, and wood, and a host of perishable goods like milk, egg, meat, fruit, and vegetable. Supply chain management for perishable items is the most difficult task among the goods transported.

The reason is that being perishable items, the delivery at the end-point just cannot be delayed lest the goods get to perish.