Hurawatch and its Top 5 Alternatives in 2023 (100% working)

Hurawatch and its Top 5 Alternatives
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Are you searching for platforms where you can watch your favourite movies and series in high resolution for free? Then you are at the right place. This article is all about those free streaming platforms that you have been searching for for a while. Hurawatch is one of these popular streaming platforms where you can watch trending TV shows and newly released movies with HD quality free of cost. Here we will give you all the essential information you need to know about Hurwatch so you can easily handle this streaming platform whenever you want. We will also let you know some of its best alternatives you can easily access and enjoy.

All you need to know about Hurawatch

I am sure many of you have already heard about the exclusive features of Hurawatch. Here you can watch recently released movies and series free of cost. Not only that, Hurawatch also provides the viewers with a download option. This is extremely helpful for users who are frequently travelling. They can download the movie when the internet is available and can watch it later anytime from anywhere.

Hurawatch was introduced in 2011 and has gained massive popularity due to its user-convenient features. This huge storehouse has a collection of around 20000 movies and TV series which also have high definition picture quality. Now, if you are wondering about the complicacy of its use, I can ensure that it is super easy and convenient. The platform also has an app that you can download on your mobile devices. Yes, you can watch your favourite series and movies with high-definition picture quality on your phone.

What happened to Hurawatch?

Most of you surely know that there are some legal obligations that streaming platforms must follow. The developers of Hurawatch claim that the platform does not breach privacy law and does not contain any pirated content. Instead, it streams videos from third-party websites and links. Hence, Hurawatch is not available or accessible in some areas around the world. Even so, we can not mark this streaming platform as completely legal as it has still some breaches in the privacy law. Due to this reason, some countries and regions with strict privacy laws banned Hurawatch.

If Hurawatch is banned in your area, here’s some good news for you. You can still watch your favourite shows in Hurawatch despite its banning.  You just have to use the correct VPN for streaming or have to find some alternatives that have similar features. The site has some clones or mirror sites that you can use as well.

The ways you can safely stream Hurawatch

Using an online streaming platform is never safe if you don’t know the right ways to stream the videos. Hurawatch has some advertisements like other streaming platforms that can corrupt your device or harm your privacy. The advertisements and pop-ups that often appear in this streaming platform contain viruses that infect the devices. If you want to avoid this issue you have to use a strong VPN that can block the advertisements.

We strongly recommend you choose a proper VPN while using Hurawatch. Also, you need a strong internet connection as the VPNs can slow down the internet speed. However, there are some effective VPNs that you can use while streaming Hurawatch.

  • Atlas VPN: The most important feature of this VPN is that it has a built-in ad blocker which is very much effective in keeping your device safe. Even though it is a bit expensive it can protect your device from viruses.
  • IPVanish: This is a simple and easy-to-use VPN that you can use on both iOS and Android devices. The most attractive feature of this VPN is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, this VPN is also a bit expensive.
  • Proton VPN: This VPN allows you to connect up to 10 devices in one subscription. Along with this, it is highly compatible with Android, Mac and mobile devices and has servers in different countries.

Some of the best alternatives of Hurawatch

If you are facing difficulties in streaming your favorite show in Hurawatch you can try out some of its alternatives that also have similar features. Here is the list and you are welcome to try each one before finding your favourite.



This is a popular free movie-streaming platform and a great alternative to Hurawatch. Thanks to its seamless and effective user interface and a wide variety of shows, Fmovies has become increasingly popular among movie lovers. This streaming platform hosts almost every genre of movies. Fmovies has a sorting feature that allows you easily find the title you are looking for. Also, you don’t need to sign-up or register in order to watch movies here. Isn’t that great?



Now if you want to have a premium quality experience free of cost, YesMovies is a must-try for you. Much like Hurawatch, it does not have any pirated content and stream through only legitimate sites. It comes with a filter option where you can browse through over 10,000 titles and filter them based on IMDb ratings, genres, and languages. If you want to experience a Netflix-like feeling without spending much, we strongly recommend you to try out YesMovies.



If you are a Chinese drama and K-drama lover, IFVOD would be the right place for you. Almost every Chinese drama lover has a special fondness towards this streaming platform.  IFVOD has more than 900 channels for you to surf through and each of the channels provides high definition and exclusive content. Not only C-dramas or K-dramas, this platform also has famous English dramas that are dubbed into Chinese. If you have a thing for skipping through different genres, IFVOD is perfect for you.



Another great alternative to Hurawatch is LosMovies where you can watch high-quality movies free of cost. This streaming platform comes with over 10,000 titles and no advertisements to provide you with a seamless streaming experience. Not only that, in LosMovies you can watch movies from all around the world including Japan, Korea, China, India, and others. The picture quality of this streaming platform ranges from 360p to 1080p.



This is another popular streaming platform that provides you with a premium streaming experience free of cost. Like Hurawatch, 1MoviesHD also comes with a wide range of movies and TV shows with a simplified browsing feature. Here you can sort your favourite movies by release date, language, genre, and rating. This platform also allows you to watch the trailer before you start watching the movie! So, to have a premium experience, you must try this streaming site once.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hurawatch (FAQs)

Is Hurawatch Safe?

Hurawatch is mostly safe to use. However, it has some advertisements that redirect you to other pages which can have malicious content. We recommend you to use strong VPNs that can block these advertisements.

Is Hurawatch Illegal?

As we said before, Hurawatch claims to stream shows from third-party websites. Therefore, we can not call Hurawatch Illegal. 

Is Hurawatch still working?

It depends on the area or region you live in. Hurawatch is banned in some of the regions even though you can still watch by using the right VPN.

What are the best alternatives to Hurawatch?

Fmovies, Yesmovies, and IVFOD are the best alternatives.

Which VPN is the best for Hurawatch?

As Hurawatch requires high internet speed we recommend using strong VPNs like Atlas VPN or IPVanish.