A sneak peek into the lives of Irene Cara and Her Parents Louise and Gaspar Cara

Irene Cara

If you are in your mid-30s or early 40s it’s very much possible that songs of Irene Cara might have a place in your playlist. The world knows Irene as a celebrated singer and artist who shot to fame with her movie Flame in 1980. She followed it up with a number of charbusting songs and musical performances. From no one to a prominent figure in the musical industry, Irene lived the American dream. But what about her father Gaspar Cara and mother Louise? Let’s learn more about Irene, her parents, and her last words. 

Early life or Irene Cara 

Couples Louise and Gaspar Cara brought Irene, a cute little baby girl, into their lives on March 18, 1959. She was conceived in New York where Irene spent most of her childhood. Irene was the last born among 3 daughters and two sons. 

New York has always inspired musicians. Every street and corner of the city has a story to tell. As Irene grew, her inclination towards music grew profoundly. Her mother put Irene into a dance academy as early as 5 years old. Soon, she was participating in TV shows. 

About Gaspar Cara and Louise Escelara  – Parents of Irene 

There is little information about Gaspar Cara out there on the internet. He came from a humble background with roots in Puerto Rico. It’s believed that Gaspar played saxophone for a little while but later chose a different line of work in a steel factory to provide for his family. Her mother, Louise, on the other hand, had her roots in Cuba. She worked at a movie theater while taking care of the children. 

Irene Cara’s Death 

People have little to no information about Irene’s last moments. As opposed to someone who spent a large part of her adulthood in the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, her last days were completely out of the media’s eyes. Reports claim that Irene passed away on the 25th of November, 2022 in the confinement of her own home. Although there is speculation as to what led to her demise, her close family members believed it was Covid. However, others wonder if drugs played a role in her demise in any way. 

That was it about Irene Cara. If you would like to listen to her music, you can tune into Spotify or Youtube Music where a ton of her almus are available. Irene inspired an entire generation of music lovers. She will always remain one of the most celebrated musical artists. 


Is Irene Cara alive? 

No, Irene Cara sadly passed away in 2022 at the age of 63. She had a successful career as an actress, songwriter, and singer. 

Who is Irene Cara’s father? 

Gaspar Cara is the father of Irene Cara. He had his roots in Puerto Rico but moved to New York in search of work. 

Which was Irene Cara’s first movie? 

Irene Cara did a number of movies and albums during her career as a songwriter, actress and singer. Flame was her debut movie. It came out in 1980.