Market capitalization is the total value of all coins that have do mined, which can do calculated by multiplying the number of coins in circulation by the current market price of their unit. To better understand this example, we have a cryptocurrency X, of which there are 500,000 coins in circulation on the market, and their value is $2 each, so their market capitalization would be 1,000,000.

The economic analysis is fundamental since it can deduce if the cryptocurrency provides profitability, security, and reliability to achieve greater demand from investors and continue to increase its position in virtual markets.

Uses in the investors market

Investors use market capitalization to have a reference regarding everything related to its development and for the comparison in value between cryptocurrencies.

Using this information as a reference statistic can indicate the growth and development potential and the level of security for its purchase compared to other digital assets.

It is important to note that for the month of October 2021, bitcoin obtained its highest capitalization; this indicates that it reached its highest value, setting a stock market record in its journey through world finance.

Many gave the necessary support for this cryptocurrency to reach such a high value; it does expect that by 2025 it will reach its highest capitalization in history since its creation.

Capitalization of outstanding markets

The cryptocurrencies market exceeded 3 billion US dollars for the first time since its creation during the past year, according to data provided by the CoinGecko website, which monitors and studies in detail the market of the 10,500 cryptos in circulation.

Bitcoin accounts for 41% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization, currently at $1.19 trillion, while the second-largest is Ethereum at 18%.

Next in third place is Binance Coin, with a current value of 109,000 million dollars, followed by Tether, positioned in fourth place with a market capitalization of 75,000 million.

Aspects to take into account about crypto markets

Even though the cryptocurrency market remains largely unregulated, the authorities are becoming increasingly interested in this topic, opening the way to a widening circle of investors and the possibility of future economic freedom.

Most companies already receive payments for their services in Bitcoin, generally because it is the best known and most valuable crypto in the market, which does not present any rejection at the time of trading.

When prioritizing the risks of an investment, the value of market capitalizations be specified, but also should take your financial situation and market trends.

The starting point for new investors

This information serves as a reference for all those looking for a basis to decide to be part of the virtual cryptocurrency markets.

If the capital market is of great value, it shows us that the cryptocurrency it refers to has significant profitability, and many investors trust it.

The cryptocurrency market is very complex; it is a subject from which a large amount of information emanates, which can use to learn more about this world and choose the best option in crypto investment. So, if you want to learn how to start trading and investing in crypto, visit here.

For the future, a tremendous economic revolution is announced based on cryptocurrencies, where Bitcoin does show as a favorite for business and significant long-term investments.


The study and analysis of the crypto market capitalizations allow us to know ​​how the currency performs in virtual commerce, letting us know its value and amount in circulation.

The best virtual currencies will always have a prominent figure referencing their capital in the markets. If reliability and profitability are excellent, their value will be the best to increase investor demand.

Cryptocurrencies represent a beneficial model of progress and investment; their markets are increasingly strengthened and consolidated with more bases and security worldwide, allowing people to obtain great benefits and profitability in their finances.

And in this way, achieve the goals to lead a better quality of life and be entirely accepted in today’s society, which is very demanding and discriminatory, leading to obtaining money to be able to be at the level that many impose and demand.

The present shows us that cryptocurrencies are the future economic progress of humanity, regardless of their minimum risks, which do not go unnoticed.