Here’s How Legal Remittances Can Put You in the Driver’s Seat of a Toyota Grande

Toyota Corolla Grande cars

Amazing news awaits Pakistani migrants abroad!

All the Pakistani migrants who are living in the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia to earn and send money to Pakistan can stand to win one of the three brand-new Toyota Corolla Grande cars through a series of lucky draws.                                                                                                                                                         Among the leading online money transfer services by ACE, has launched another campaign in collaboration with HABIBMETRO in Pakistan.          

It is a simple campaign in which Pakistani migrants have to do nothing special or extra to participate except send money online back home in ways explained below, between January 1st 2024 and February 15th, 2024, both days inclusive.         

Keep reading to learn about the fascinating details.     

The Exciting Campaign – An Overview

ACE Money Transfer has an amazing track record of launching exciting campaigns to dole out amazing prizes to its valued customers.

The current campaign is also a step in the same direction.

In this campaign, the firm has collaborated with HABIBMETRO in Pakistan, which has a wide branch network across the country, making access to funds easy and convenient. The Pakistani migrants residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia have to simply send money online to Pakistan via the advent of ACE Money Transfer to any of the 500+ branches of HABIBMETRO in Pakistan for cash pick-up or funds transferred to HABIBMETRO accounts across the 45 days the current campaign will remain live for.    

This type of simple transfer of funds from the listed countries will make them eligible to participate in the current exciting campaign and stand to win the prize in lucky draws.

Details of Prizes being Doled Out   

The firm has incorporated 3 brand-new Toyota Corolla Grande cars in the current campaign that the participants can easily win through a series of lucky draws scheduled across the campaign duration, which is 45 days.       

The Campaign Duration   

The campaign goes live on the 1st of January 2024 and continues until the 15th of February 2024, both days inclusive. It means that the campaign is live for a total of 45 days, which will give ample opportunities to Pakistani migrants to increase their chances of winning one of the three brand-new Toyota Corolla Grande Sedans.

Get a complete insight into the current campaign on its Terms and Conditions page.

What is the Impetus behind Launching this Campaign?

The strict government oversight regulating the transfer of remittances across borders by different governments worldwide has pushed millions of migrants towards illegal means of online money transfers.

The primary illegal means of transferring funds are Hawala and Hundi. While using these illegal means to transfer funds, migrants may:

  • Skip fees of different types in the entire process until funds are delivered
  • Evade taxes applied in legal means of transferring funds
  • Get more funds as a result of skipping these legal charges

But the use of illegal means does not benefit the recipient countries (in this case, Pakistan’s) at all and rather becomes part of an illegal or undocumented economy and also emboldens criminals and scammers.

Therefore, the current initiative is designed to promote the use of legal channels to offer amazing financial benefits.

How to Increase the Chances to Win Exciting Prizes?

To increase their prospects of winning a brand-new Toyota Corolla Grande car in a series of lucky draws, Pakistani who came to the country via migration have to ensure that they send funds through ACE Money Transfer to any of the over 500 branches of HABIBMETRO in Pakistan as cash pick-up or account transfer.     

They also need to ensure that they spread their transactions over the entire campaign duration of 45 days from January 1st till February 15th, both days inclusive. It means that they should send funds daily in the ways specified above instead of making several transactions in one day. Many transactions in one day will be considered as one entry, and the number of transfers will increase their chances of winning, which is only possible if Pakistani migrants make transactions either daily or on multiple days before the deadline ends.

Surprising Financial Benefits of Sending Money with ACE Money Transfer

Toyota Corolla Grande cars
Image by azerbaijan_stockers on Freepik

The firm is not only doling out 3 brand-new Toyota Corolla Grande cars to the lucky winners but also offering the following amazing financial benefits in the process.

7 Seconds Delivery Time

It may sound a little unique, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding! Pakistani migrants can deliver funds to Pakistan in just 7 seconds from anywhere across the world, including the countries listed above.

Safety and Security

Along with the tight and multi-layered security of the transactions, the speed of the transaction only adds to the safety and keeps it away from the hands of hackers and scammers. 7 seconds in real time do not allow any margin for scammers to penetrate the transaction.

Live & Best Currency Exchange Rates on the Market

The other financial benefit Pakistani migrants can have is the most competitive rates of currency exchange in the market that too. These rates allow them to either start a transaction right away or wait until they spike and favour the remitter.

Low Service Charges

ACE Money Transfer offers absolutely ZERO fees on every new customer’s first transaction!

In addition, all the transactions bearing an amount more than 85 GBP or 100 USD (equivalent in any other currency) will be entirely fee-free. Pakistani migrants can have a look at that threshold in real-time while initiating a transaction from either the firm’s mobile app or its official website.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Getting a brand-new car is one of the core objectives Pakistani migrants have when they expatriate. They burn their candle at both ends on foreign soil to reach this goal. But now they can simply nudge their remittances toward ACE Money Transfer and HABIBMETRO Bank, follow the simple tips above, and stand a chance to win one of 3 brand-new Toyota Corolla Grande cars in lucky draws as a result.

Make every moment count until the campaign draws to a close!