Marilyn Nault- Who is She? Her Past Life, Success, And Relationship With Bill Russell

Marilyn Nault

Bill Russell sits amongst the most renowned basketball player in the world. He is currently married to his third wife, Marilyn Nault. One can consider him as one of the all-time greats in the game of basketball, also known by the name – moniker. Marilyn Nault Russell became William F. Russell’s wife after the couple tied the knot. William F. Russell and Marinault first became acquainted in the year 1996, and they wed in the year 2000. Prior to her marriage to Russell, she was employed in the jewelry industry as a salesperson. Due to the fact that their relationship is largely confined behind the curtains, not a lot is known about it.

Marilyn Nault Quick Introduction & Relationship Timeline

Marilyn Nault Russell was the wife of Bill Russel, the professional name for basketball great William F. Russell.

In Concordia, Kansas City, America she entered the world on January 15, 1950. Marilyn was the very first child of parents Quentin and Helen Nault. She attended a Catholic primary and high school in Kansas while growing up there with her four brothers.

Marilyn, in the past, worked as a jeweler prior to her meeting Bill Russell. The couple tended to keep their relationship somewhat quiet, making it difficult to learn more about her life before her marriage to Bill Russell.

Before marrying Bill Russell, Marilyn had already established herself as a successful entrepreneur and was living the good life.

Russell was the driving force behind the Celtics’ 13-year reign as NBA champions, during which they won 11 titles because of Russell’s stellar play. He made the NBA All-Star team 12 times and made MVP five times in his career.

In North American professional sports leagues, Russell ties with Henri Richard of the National Hockey League for most titles won by a basketball player.

Russell had already reached the top of his profession when he met Marilyn. By marrying one of the best basketball players of all time, Merilyn was destined to become a public figure.

After meeting one another in 1995, Bill and Marilyn began dating the following year. Since Bill was already a household name, they would spend the next four years as America’s most powerful couple. Following four years of courtship, the pair tied the knot on February 17, 2000, only three days after the holiday of love. After being married, the pair had a blissful nine years together till Marilyn’s untimely death on January 21, 2009.

She had just turned 59, thus her passing came as a complete shock. Bill, in shock and grief at the loss of his wife, made the decision to keep her passing a secret. She left behind her husband, Bill Russell, who had been by her side through the tough times, and she passed away as his wife.

The Career of Marilyn Nault

After Nault completed her high school education in the state of Washington, she uprooted his life and relocated to the Seattle region. She made the decision to follow in her father’s footsteps by working in the jewellery business, and as a result, she found employment in that sector. It was via this job that she was able to make the acquaintance of Bill Russell.

Before Nault began dating the great basketball star, Bill Russell, she worked for him as his secretary. During that time, Bill stayed married. She assisted him with a wide range of other errands as well, including organising appointments, keeping an eye on the payment of taxes, and accounting. She finally made the decision to quit working outside the home when the two of them tied the knot, and she has been focusing on being a decent housewife ever since.

Net Worth

Because Marilyn Nault was a private person, very little information about her wealth has been made public after she passed away. As was said before, she stopped working after getting married, and as a result, she came to rely on her new husband’s salary as her primary source of financial support.

On the other side, Bill Russell was quite prosperous, and the estimate is that he had a net worth of around ten million dollars prior to his passing away.

Bill Russell And Marilyn Nault Children

Bill and Marilyn Nault Russell chose not to start a family. Marilyn Nault Russell found her adopted by Bill’s children of his first marriage which was to Rose Swisher. Who adopted her adopted and was a stepmother to her. 

On January 20, 1962, Karen Russell entered the world. She is presently working as a political and legal analyst for New South Africa and the Robert F. Kennedy Centre for Human Rights, both of which artists run dearly and continuously.

William Felton Russell Jr. came into the world on November 2, 1957. He left for St. George and found employment as a truck driver. William Russell Jr. passed away on January 25, 2016, after a courageous fight against cancer. 


Nault was from a middle-class family that was very religious and where church-going. They were all devout Christians and, more specifically, Catholics. Given that she was the only girl in her family, rumors circulated that she was exceptionally close to her dad. Phil, Eric, James, and Kyle Nault were her three brothers and one sister.

Her family originally came from Kansas where her father had a jewellery store there. Her dad had left the family in 1987, abandoning Helen, the kids, and any other relatives he may have had. One of Mailyn’s other brothers died in the year 2020. After eleven years of the death of his sister in 2010. It’s saddening but it’s true. 

How did Bill Russell meet Marilyn Nault?

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Marilyn Nault left her hometown of Concordia after graduating from high school in order to begin her professional life in Seattle. She had her first encounter with basketball great Bill Russell in Seattle, and the two soon fell in love.

They started going together in 1996 and tied the knot on February 17, 2000. Russell was 66 years old on their wedding day (he was born on February 12, 1934), and Marilyn was 50.

They were great friends and traveled together often throughout their almost nine years of marriage until Marilyn’s sad death.

How did Marilyn Nault pass away?

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Cancer was the ultimate killer of Marilyn Nault. A private funeral service went on in her honor in Seattle, Washington.

Bill Russell, moved by her memories, vowed to devote his life to the battle against cancer and became a devoted patron of the Harold (and Carol) Pump Foundation.

Final Words

Nault’s death was a dignified one in Seattle. She took her last breath in a hospital in Washington, more specifically –  Virginia Mason Hospital. After her death, she got to Lakeview Cemetery in King County, Washington, in the United States of America where she rests. Her husband Russell, her mother Helen Nault, her four brothers Phil, Kyle, James, and Eric, plus a niece and a nephew were all mentioned in the obituary tribute that appeared in the Washington Times following her death.

Her legacy continues in her three stepchildren, Karen, Jacob, and Sara, as well as four stepgrandchildren, and a huge network of friends and relatives.


How old is Marilyn Nault?

According to several reports, it’s confirmed that Marilyn Nault is 59 years old. 

How was it that Marilyn Nault pass? 

It was only a few weeks before Russell’s birthday when the sad news of Marilyn Nault Russell’s passing came out. It was also a few days before their 9th wedding anniversary. 

What was the past of Marilyn Nault

Upon her graduating from high school Marilyn moved away from her home in Concordia to make a better life for herself in Seattle. In Seattle, Marilyn Nault had made a good career out of selling premium jewellery. She met Bill Russell in the same city and got married in February of 2000.  

Who was there in the family of Marilyn Naul?

Sources have confirmed that Quentin had one daughter which was Marlyn. Helen Nault, on the other hand, had four brothers, Phil, Eric, James, and Kyle Nault to grow up with.

Who were the children of Marilyn Nault?

Bill’s children from his first marriage which was with Rose Swisher become step-children to Marilyn Nault.