Melanie Olmstead: Identity and the reason behind Yellowstone’s tribute to her

Melanie Olmstead
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In the season two finale of Yellowstone, a famous American TV drama, there is a tribute to Melanie Olmstead. Over the past years during its airing period, Yellowstone has paid tribute to the actors and actresses who have passed away. After Yellowstone’s tribute to Melanie Olmstead at the end of season two, many fans became curious and interested in the name. Now, let’s find out who this mysterious persona actually is and why the popular TV series paid tribute to her.

Melanie Olmstead and her connection to Yellowstone

From the existing information, we found out that Melanie Olmstead was the location and transportation manager of Yellowstone. She was one of the behind the scene crew members of this popular series and contributed greatly towards the show’s success. Sadly, she passed away on 25th May 2019 at the age of 50 before season 2 of Yellowstone could release.

Melanie was a valuable asset for Yellowstone mainly because of her profound knowledge and familiarity with the area where the television drama was set. Most of the scenes of Yellowstone took place in Utah where Melanie basically grew up. Her knowledge of the filming site helped the show to run smoothly without any hitch. Another reason behind Melanie’s close involvement with the show was her love for animals, especially horses. Melanie felt a strong connection with the horses from her childhood and got her own after reaching adulthood. She developed a strong bond with her beloved horse, Mahogany. She celebrated Mahogany’s 37th birthday and showed her gratitude towards this oldest friend on her Facebook profile.

Background and career

Melanie Olmstead was born in 1968. She spent her childhood in Salt Lake City, Utah in the care of her adoptive parents Janet Corebridge and Reid Howard. This is where she developed a strong connection with animals. Now, let’s have a little glimpse into Melanie’s career.

Melanie has been working in the department of transportation and location management since 2000. She worked behind the scene of many popular movies including “Wild Horses”, “Primary Suspect”, “Frozen”, “Wind River”, “John Carter”, “Hereditary” and others. Apart from Yellowstone, she was a part of other TV shows as well like “Snatchers” and “Andi Mack”. According to the information, Melanie Olmstead was working on the educational growth of women in Africa before starting her career in the film industry. This shows that Melanie was not only a hardworking person, but she also had a heart of gold.

The reason behind Melanie’s death

Yellowstone fans did not know about the identity of Melanie Olmstead or the news of her death until the production team of Yellowstone paid tribute to her. Even then they did not officially announce the reason behind her death. However, according to some reports Melanie died due to some complications related to cancer. She was suffering from cancer for a long while. Even though she was suffering from cancer, she perfectly fulfilled her job role and helped the Yellowstone team to achieve major success. In order to remember her and give him proper respect, Melanie’s friends and family gathered together on July 30. They arranged a horseback ride to celebrate her accomplishments. From various writers and artists to horsewomen, all came together to Salt Lake City to pay respect. Even though Melanie did not appear on screen she will always be remembered through the tribute card in Yellowstone’s season 2. We appreciate the production team of Yellowstone for such a humble initiative.