Moana 2 release date, storyline, expected cast, and more- [updated]

Moana 2

Moana, a 2016 3D Hollywood animation voiced by Hollywood’s greatest – Dwayne The Rock Jonson as the larger than life character Maui, Auliʻi Cravalho as Moana, and Jemaine Clement as Tamatoa among other casts was one of the biggest blockbusters of the time. Have you watched it? You must have, certainly. The enticing storyline and encapsulating cast of the film did not only enthralled the children but also touched the hearts of adults across the globe. The movie received varied kids’ choice awards and became an instant holiday home movie for many. Since it’s release, every kid and the kid within every adult is waiting for a release of the sequel, Moana 2.

Are you too? The expectations for part 2 are sky high, and people demand to hear Rock Johnson sing the iconic song, Your Welcome, once again in Moana 2.  We know, enough of Moana, let’s get right into some details of the sequel.

Release date- Moana 2:

Amidst the dark clouds of the pandemic that surrounded the movie business, everything appeared to come to a standstill. It seems only yesterday when we were all eager to witness the latest trailer of Moana on the big screen but everything went for a toss with the new year celebrations, last year. Things are getting back to normal. Hinting towards the dates, an unofficial month, November 2021, is flirting with the people eagerly waiting for the movie to release. A blockbuster hit, Moana broke many records and grossed a whopping $600 million at the box office in 2016. But as they say,  along with success comes responsibility and this can very well be one of the reasons makers are taking so long to announce Moana 2. If everything checks out, the good news is right around the corner for Moana and Maui’s fans. What do you think? Will we have an official announcement this year?

The storyline of Moana 2 :

There have been many predictions and fan theories as to what storyline Moana 2 is going to follow. However, the most convincing of them all is picking the movie right where it left off. This implies that Moana will yet again embark on a new adventure from her home where she had returned at the end of the movie. 

Expected Cast:

Sadly, there is no confirmation on whether Dwayne Johnson or any of the cast members of Moana will continue their work in Moana 2. However, it seems clear that Moana without the voice of Auliʻi Cravalho would be impossible. We are sure Moana fans will agree. Mr. Jhosnson gave an impeccable performance in the form of his voice which many fans can’t get over and if a sequel is made they sure would want to hear him again. 

If not towards the end of 2021, we suspect the movie to hit the theatres in early 2022. But nothing is certain. It has been a long journey for the creators of the movie and an even longer wait for Moana fans across the globe. It is high time Disney comes up with an official statement. At least a teaser this year would help many admirers of the movie enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing their favorite animated movie release is just around the corner. Whatever the case, whenever the movie releases, we believe it will break all sorts of records at the box office. Well, until the movie releases why don’t you enjoy another run of Moana with your little ones.