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Mp3 Juice

Are you troubled by the multiple fishy sites for downloading music? Many users have tried to download their favorite songs but failed to identify the correct download button. Are you facing a similar issue? In most cases, websites try to inject viruses every time you are downloading music from their website. In order to counter such activities, we present to you, mp3 juice to download only your desired song. No more downloads of the viruses, in the name of song downloads. Keep your computer or smartphone free from the virus by download music from mp3 juice.

In this article, we will describe how you can use the website. We will talk about the controversy surrounding the website and how this site is better than its competitors.

Why Use Mp3 Juice?

One of the foremost reasons to use this site is safety. Unlike the other websites, that pop up ads and force you to click somewhere, this website simply focuses on a great user experience. You don’t need to download or install any other application, for downloading your desired song.

Secondly, if we visit other music downloading websites, you will get various buttons to click on, for downloading the music. Instead, your download is simply a click away. No more confusion and no more clicking on suspicious links.

Thirdly, it is not only an audio downloader, but it can also convert Youtube video files into audio files, then download the same. You need not worry now if you are not getting the audio file of your favorite live performance by Linkin Park. Mp3 Juice will do it for you!

Lastly, you need to pay a single penny for this excellent service. Free, safe, secure, and simple service for you free of cost!

How To Use Mp3 Juice?

Download The Song

  • Click here to go to the website of mp3 juice.
  • The search box will be present on the home page of the website. Type the name of the song that you wish to download. For example Linkin Park – Numb
  • After typing the name of the song, select the search icon on the right.
  • A list of options pop down for you, to select your download mirror.
  • ·Select download, after which you need to wait for a couple of minutes.
  • After your file gets ready for download, you have three options with you:
  1. Download: You can download the song to your website directly.
  2. Save to cloud: You can save the music on the cloud
  3. Share on Facebook: You can post on your Facebook wall or share it with your friends over Facebook.
  • Once when you click on the Download option, your song starts downloading. Viola, your song is ready for you!

Converting Youtube Video

Copy the link of the video which you are trying to download as an audio file.

  • Paste the link of the video in the search bar.
  • Click on the search icon.
  • The processing continues for a couple of seconds.
  • After the file gets ready, you can click on the Download option to get your music downloaded. You can even share the link of the audio with your friends over Facebook.

Controversy Of Mp3 Juice

Back in the year 2017, mp3 juice saw about 2 billion visitors annually. But, it had to be shut down in October 2017. Why is it so? During the later half of 2017, the website faced a legal notice from a coalition of music producing labels. That year saw the twist of fate for mp3 juice, which resulted in a fall from grace. Eating the humble pie for failure to meet copyright guidelines, the website had to go for a complete shutdown.

Currently, you can access the website through various mirror links. The website is functionally operating through the various links, which run in a silo. The mess created due to privacy issues have taken a toll on the owner of the site, this resulted in an official shutdown.

Is It Safe Now To Use The Website?

Even after the failure to meet the compliances of the recording labels, the site is operating through the mirroring. The users need not worry about safety as the operation is still the same as it used to be. The site is still as safe to use now, for the users, as it was before the controversy. Happy downloading!