If you reside in the United States, Harris Teeter or HT is one of the best superstores to shop from. Their stores have all sorts of FMCG products and beyond. Although they provide an array of benefits to their loyal customers, the ones on their web portal, MyHTspace, find themselves a little ahead on discounts and cash benefits.

Through this article, you will learn everything about the login process and why you aren’t able to login into your MyHTspace account. If you want to extend your shopping benefits at Harris Teeter, you have to sign up for their online portal, MyHTSpace. This article will guide you through:

  • What is MyHTSpace?
  • Advantages of MyHTSpace
  • Login Process of MyHTSpace 
  • Signup process of MyHTspace 
  • Reset username/password
  • Changing password 
  • General MyHTSpace FAQs

Let’s move forwards and explore each aspect in detail. 

What is MyHTSpace?

To understand MyHTSpace, you need to learn about HT or Harris Teeter. Harris Teeter is an American supermarket chain. It is spread across the entire United States. Harris Teeter is more likely known for its massive discounts and offers on numerous products among its many competitions. The store helps its loyal customer with many opportunities to earn benefits and discounts. One such initiative is the online portal of Harris Teeter – MyHTspace. Not a lot of shoppers know about the space. However, part of their employee’s list takes frequent visits to the online portal and enjoys varied benefits. Yes, if you are an employee at MySpace, you are in for a treat. 

MyHTSpace is similar to any other online community. You need to log in with your username and password to get instant access to your HT space. Once you are in, you should find varied options to discover, shop, and raise requests. 

Advantages of MyHTSpace

The best advantage of being a part of the HT group as an employee or staff member is the added benefits you receive. Some of the key benefits of MySpace include:

  • You can receive tons of discounts on varied products, including cosmetics, FMCG, grocery, and more. Not once or twice, but every time you shop with HT. 
  • You can personalize your dashboard and keep track of your work hours.
  • Members of MyHTSpace can also interact and take some time to know each other through the portal. 
  • The portal addresses any queries, doubts, or issues regarding work. 
  • Portal also registers complaints. 
  • You can visit the portal and get updates from any and everywhere. 

These are only a few of the many advantages MyHTSpace has for the employees. So, there is no doubt that you should have an account here. However, issues regarding internet access to visit the portal, among others, still reside.

Login Process of MyHTSpace

Now, let’s dig deeper and understand how you, a registered member of the HT space, can log in and get benefits from MyHTSpace. 

Before you begin:

  • Have your username and password ready for the login process. 
  • A stable internet connection required.
  • PC or Laptop recommended, can work on smartphones or tablets as well. 
  1. Using the browser on your device, visit the official MyHTSpace website
  2. A web page will open. 
  3. At the center, you’ll find two options – enter username and password. 
  4. Fill up the details 
  5. Click on Login
  6. It might take a couple of seconds to load. 
  7. You will now have successfully entered your MyHTSpace account. 

Take a gander and look around. If you visit for the first time, try to understand how the entire system works. Once you get a grip on it, getting your way around becomes easy. If you want to visit the website and check for updates frequently, bookmark the login page. This way, you should directly get to the website with just one click. Don’t forget to “remember me” your password for instant access next time. 

Signup process of MyHTSpace

The login process is for the ones who have their user and password. However, what about the ones who don’t? If you don’t have your username or password yet, here is how you go about it. It’s through a signup process.

  1. Using your device, visit the official website of MyHTSpace.
  2. On the page that loads, you will find several options and clickable links. 
  3. Click on the text that says – Register 
  4. The option allows you to create your personalized username and password in a couple of quick steps. 
  5. Once the registration page loads, you enter details, including your socials, date of birth, and ZIP code. 
  6. Following this, you will then create your username and password using your email ID. 
  7. A confirmation email is sent to your ID. 
  8. Confirm the email, and that’s it. 
  9. You have a MyHTSpace account. 

Make sure you pick a password you easily remember. Change password every few months. 

Reset Username/Password 

If you don’t have a strong, memorable password, there are chances you will forget them. What now? Now, you’ve got to reset your password. Here is how you do that:

  • Using your device, visit the official website of MyHTSpace.
  • Under the password box, you should find a line in blue reading – “Forgot your username or password.”
  • Click on it to visit a new page. 
  • You need to enter your social security number, Date of Birth, and ZIP code on the new page. 
  • The system will process and allow you to recreate your username and password. 
  • Once you receive a confirmation, it’s time to go on back to the homepage. 
  • Enter your new username or password
  • That’s it. Press Login to get access. 

Changing Password

Not reset but change your password. Changing your password every couple of months. Old passwords are easily hacked, and if you use the same password in multiple accounts, there are also chances all your accounts are at a higher risk of a security breach. Bottom line, you have got to change your password. Here is how you do it for MyHTSpace:

  • Using the browser on your device, visit the official MyHTSpace website.
  • Enter username and password to login into your account. 
  • When on the dashboard, find the settings options. 
  • In setting find account settings. 
  • Click on the option – password
  • Enter existing and new password
  • Confirm
  • Log off
  • Log back in with your new password. 

General MyHTSpace FAQs

  1. Do I get discounts from My HT Space on pharmaceuticals?

Ans: Yes, MySpace members get varied discounts and shopping benefits on Pharmaceuticals, among others. 

  1. How to change my profile picture of MyHTSpace account?


  • Log in to your MyHTSpace account using your username and password. 
  • Find the settings options. 
  • Click on the profile picture 
  • Change or upload the picture of your choice. 
  • Save the settings. 

So, that’s it. Now, it’s time for you to start keeping some benefits from MyHTSpace. Log in with your username and password, personalize your profile and start using it. All the best!