New Generation of Consoles: Xbox Series X Vs Playstation 5

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The rivalry between Xbox and Playstation has always caused a stir in the gaming market. Since the inception of both consoles, buyers have banded together like tribes declaring their love for one or the other. As technology has grown, new consoles have been developed, delivering an all-new way for people to enjoy their gaming experience. Here is a little more about these two console giants letting you decide which is the best for you.

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Key Facts 

The current consoles from technology giants Microsoft and Sony battling out to be the best are the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. Both consoles deliver ambitious graphics and next-level gaming experiences compared to the previous devices. Although these consoles were released 2 years ago, they are still the flagship products setting the world to rights with the advanced technology found inside.

Some of the best titles ever made have been released on the series X and PS5, each being home to console-dedicated games rivalling one another, such as Halo Infinite on the Xbox and Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS5. One of the best things is that your favourites don’t have to be cast aside; both consoles are backwards compatible. Both consoles are very 

powerful, with the Xbox taking a slight lead in processing power. Currently, the PlayStation is a little more costly than the XBOX, but the difference is much to be squandered over.

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Despite showing a lot of similarities behind the scenes, both companies have tried to display a sense of uniqueness, especially regarding design. The PS5 is the biggest console Sony has ever made with a tower-like machine, while Xbox has gone for a style that adheres to more of a PC-looking unit. The cuboid shape is desirable for some, but not all, and the same can be said for the PS5. No matter how you feel towards the two consoles, they are both pretty cool, and both are really quiet in operation, which is an added bonus.

The DualSense controller from Sony has enhanced game immersion in a continual effort to deliver an exclusive experience not found on the Series X. The main draw to bring people towards the Xbox is the value given by the Xbox Game Pass which will surely bring people into the Microsoft ecosystem. 

Both consoles offer backwards compatibility, which allows you to play older-generation games. The PS5 only allows titles released on the previous PS4 to be played, while the Series X is a little more advanced in this area. The lure of playing every generation Xbox game attracts a lot of players. If you’re someone who still has access to their old Xbox 360 games, it’s great to know there is still a place for them to be used.

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Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are fantastic devices that deliver everything from immersive experiences to next-gen graphics, powerful processing speeds, and so much more. We feel that the controller of the Playstation is a little better as the slim and more ergonomic design feels better when playing, although after a week of playing the Xbox you will be accustomed to the bigger size. There are a few unique aspects to both consoles but the key specifications found on each console are so close you wouldn’t find one plays much better than the other.

When it comes to design the two consoles couldn’t look any more different, with the PS5 being massive in comparison to the Series X. When running both consoles are nearly silent making the operation much nicer in the home. Although the series X is smaller, the boxy shape may not be favoured by everyone, especially if the console is laid down horizontally.

The joint commitment made by Sony and Microsoft to SSD technology has delivered faster game-loading speeds than ever before. Boot times take seconds rather than minutes. Backwards compatibility is one of the many fantastic offerings from both consoles although Microsoft is a little further in this avenue as they have been, featuring older playability for a few console generations. This has enabled them to develop many great accessories.

Fans have always had a sense of tribalism when it comes to brands, especially surrounding the online game markets which are why first-party gaming content is more important than it has ever been. Sony has started very strong regarding this, while Xbox could have lost some appeal with the late release of their flagship game Halo Infinite. Both Sony and Microsoft have invested a great deal in high-profile studio acquisitions in an effort to deliver more exclusive content that will persuade gamers to choose their console.

Whichever console you decide to buy, remember that the generation of both is still in its infancy which means there is much more excitement to come with newer and more advanced games on the horizon. If you don’t fancy either of these there’s always the Nintendo Switch.