NewProfilePicture Com: Is This App Free & Legitimate?


If you are willing to have a decorative picture or fashionable cartoon art of your profile picture, then you should consider using NewProfilePicture. This admirable photo editor can convert your profile picture into fashionable and attractive picture art with the help of AI-driven technology. You can use this app on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and amaze your followers and friends. However, in recent times, you will find various posts on social media platforms claiming that this application is a scam. Many Facebook users claim that the NewProfilePicture app can capture and steal your personal data. So, what’s the truth behind all these claims? Is this profile picture maker a scam? Stay tuned with us to know all the details about this app and recent trends.

What Is NewProfilePicture App?

NewProfilePicture is an excellent profile picture maker application that uses AI to improve your experience with your profile picture. This application is developed by a well-recognized organization, Informatics Laboratories Inc. You can find this app under the name “NewProfilePicture: Profile Picture” on Google Play Store. This app is free to install and use on your device. You can not only transform your pictures into a cartoon and stylish art format but also share the pictures on different social media platforms.

Is NewProfilePicture App a Scam?

NewProfilePicture App is available on Google Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store. However, the apprehensive thing is that this app is registered with a Moscow-based company, Linerock Investments. Here comes the real confusion between NewProfilePic App and Newprofilepicture com website. Even though there is a similarity in the names, the website is invalid and will not direct to the app’s page. Many users claim that this app steals the user’s information and sends them to the Moscow-based company. According to Jake Moore, the Global Cybersecurity advisor, it is not clear whether there is a link between the app and the website. Therefore, you should be aware of using this application. You can access this app on Google Play Store, but never consider installing the app from any third-party website.

About NewProfilePicture App & New Trends:

NewProfilePicture App allows users to use plenty of photo filters, including various pretty cartoon filters to edit their pictures into amazing ones. After the release of this application on 6th April 2022, this app became an instant hit within a few weeks and gained over 100K users. This app uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to offer its users decorative art effects and amusing cartoon styles.

This photo editing application is legitimate and accessible with Android 5.1 and above versions. However, to use this app, you have to allow this app to access your storage, camera, photos, and the Internet. This is why you should avoid third-party websites downloading this app. You can only trust Google Play Store to install this app.

Final Words:

NewProfilePicture can help you to draw more attention to your social media pictures. Nevertheless, you should check the name of the application and install it from authentic platforms, like Google Play Store. You should always be aware of malicious activities and take careful steps to protect your data. Do you use this application? Have you ever used this app? Tell us your experience with this app in the comment sections so that the readers get benefitted from your experience.