No Mercy in Mexico – A Brutal Reality

No Mercy in Mexico

Murders by cartels in a feud are not that uncommon in Mexico. No mercy in Mexico is another example of such murder.

What is ‘No Mercy in Mexico’?

The ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ is also known as the Guerrero Flaying. It is a video uploaded on TikTok in 2018.  

The video showed two people on their knees wearing only jeans, gagged and roped. Reportedly, they were father and son. Further, they were brutally murdered, as seen in the video, by a cartel. The accused – Los Viagras. 

About Los Viagras

Los Viagras is a criminal group based in Michoacan, Mexico. They have a rap sheet that includes extortion, kidnapping, murder, and other heinous crimes.

In the No Mercy in Mexico video, the father is first beaten with a wooden stick multiple times in front of his son as they scream in fear and pain. Continued by a gruesome beheading of the father. The gang told the son the head would go to his mother.  

Then the son was skinned alive near the chest area. Taking the brutality a step further, the beating heart of the boy is pulled out of his body. Then as if the cruelty was not enough, mangled bodies were shot with a gun.

An inhumane video, made to send a message and threaten other cartels and people who betray the Los Viagras cartel. Social media is filled with such video uploads, mostly by members of cartels.

Why were the father and son murdered?

No one knows the real reason behind this brutal murder. However, many speculate, that the father and son had snitched some information related to Los Viagras to some other cartel. The incident supposedly took place at a ranch in Alpaca.

The father and son were either spies or members of the cartel. They shared information about the Los Viagras cartel with the enemy cartel. In revenge, they were brutally murdered by the cartel, recorded and the video circulated on the internet. 

‘No Mercy in Mexico’ Trend

The video was gruesome enough, but the people made it worse by sharing it all over the internet. The disturbing video spread like a wildfire through Reddit and Twitter. The video gained over 7 million views alone on TikTok. 

People even shared other such videos with the hashtag – #nomercyinmexico. The other videos also showed cruelty and violence inflicted on people. It trended for a long time. People seemed to enjoy such despicable content. 

Uploading and sharing such videos online gives access to people of every age around the world to such content. It can be traumatizing for some people. Violence is also encouraged by these kinds of videos. People should be mindful of the content they share online and the effect it can have on others.

The ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ video came across first on TikTok. TikTok is a hub of new trends. Sometimes the trends are fun to watch, but other times they can negatively affect the mental health of the viewers. The ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ is one example of such a detrimental trend. These trends should stop.