ESPN Plus Guide: A must-have for some, but not all, die-hard fans

Sports on Espn

Fans of hockey, soccer, and ultimate combat will love this guide as it can help them stream any channel in UK including ESPN for all of their sports cravings!

Do you enjoy participating in sports? A sports fan’s hardships and sufferings don’t end with your favorite team failing to reach the finals or falling to an all-time rival; they also include the excruciating anguish of being unable to live stream your favorite event.

Did I mention that we also have to deal with the ever-increasing problem of our favorite sports not being televised on the streaming services and channels available in our area?

We have some excellent news for you if you can relate.

One underappreciated streaming service can enable you to catch all of your favorite sporting events in one convenient location.

It’s all about ESPN and ESPN+ here. Exclusive UFC events (UFC events, in general, are rare to get on streaming services owing to the sport’s brutal nature), hundreds of MLB and NHL games, and collegiate sports may all be found on these streaming channels (yes, college football too).

This is a gift from God at an age when cable television has been phased out and ESPN and ESPN+ allow you to watch all of your favorite sports on one platform, continuously, with no annoying advertising. It also includes a sports library that is difficult to discover on any other platform.

It is exclusively available in the United States, despite being an excellent source for keeping up with sports. To watch ESPN+ in the UK or anyplace else outside of the United States, you’ll need a VPN with US servers. ExpressVPN is an excellent place to start.

ESPN versus ESPN+

ESPN and ESPN+ are nearly identical, with the exception that ESPN+ gives you unrivaled access to live broadcasts.

ESPN is a television network that provides you with the unique ability to view shows and matches after they have aired, as well as all of ESPN’s incredible commentary shows with professional commentators and sports experts.

Both systems have the same vast library, which includes every major sport under the sun.

ESPN broadcasts MLB, NBA, and NHL games, as well as NCAA college basketball and football games, including the popular NFL Monday Night Football.

It also showcases the most-watched shows, such as ‘SportsCenter’ and ‘Pardon The Interruption,’ which aren’t accessible on ESPN+ right now. Subscribing to a cable package that streams ESPN is the best method to get it.

Hundreds of MLB and NHL games, exclusive UFC matchups, top-rank boxing and PFL fights and events, and top domestic and international soccer are all available on ESPN+ (including out-of-market Major League Soccer).

Its NHL coverage is without a doubt unequaled. Furthermore, an ESPN Plus membership will instantly eliminate the barrier on the ESPN website, allowing users to access all online articles and news. Despite its outstanding wide original programming catalog, it does not show live NFL or NBA games.

ESPN does not just show you what ESPN + shows you, which is why the two platforms are separate and ESPN+ has its own collection of games, original material replays, and other stuff.

ESPN Plus keeps you up to speed on what’s coming up next in terms of games and events, ensuring that you don’t miss any live streaming.

The ESPN app, which is accessible on multiple streaming platforms, iOS, Android, and the ESPN website, has both ESPN and ESPN Plus content. In GEO-Restricted locations, you’ll also need a VPN to watch ESPN+.

What is the app like to use?

The ESPN app provides access to both the ESPN channel and ESPN + programming. Once you’ve signed up for both, you’ll need to check in twice: first to your ESPN cable account, then to your ESPN Plus account.

ESPN Plus will allow you to create a personalized list of your favorite teams, allowing the app to display scores, games, updates, and programs on the home screen. When I connected the app to Roku (click here to read our Roku post), Google TV, Apple TV, and iOS, it functioned quite identically.

The app offers all of the main leagues and links to live games, replays, and programs such as LaLiga Live. Sport-specific material is also available; for example, if you click soccer, you may access all soccer-related information on ESPN and ESPN+ in one spot. There’s also a Films Spotlight option, which shows the 30 for 30 movies that are only available to ESPN Plus subscribers.


I really wish the app included a watch list or a continue viewing option since this would make it more like Netflix in terms of usage.

The experience of viewing live sports, on the other hand, was fantastic, especially because you could choose between a home or away streaming feed. Current scores can also be concealed from you to avoid spoilers if that is an option you prefer.

My preferred method of using the app is on iOS, which, in my opinion, does the greatest job of combining news, articles, streaming, and videos in one place.

For all interested fans, an ESPN+ subscription is available for $6.99 per month or a 15% discount with an ESPN+ Annual Plan for $69.99 per year. I recommend getting the package, which includes ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu for $13.99 each month. It also gives you the option to cancel at any moment.