Why are more people moving from land-based to online casinos?

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Okay, so, I’m going to start off with a short answer to this, then we’ll dive more if that’s fine with everybody. So! Why are more people moving to online casinos Vs. a few reasons, one being they’re very efficient, carrying around what would’ve been considered a supercomputer 25 years ago, in our pockets, we can always play our favorite slots and casino games on the go. Not only that but there are a lot of people still out there who are quite fearful of Covid.

Now the short answer is out the way, we can take a more in-depth look at the two reasons I’ve mentioned and other potential reasons that may have led to more people moving away from brick and mortar casinos. The first thing we’ll go in about is Covid. I know, we’re all sick of hearing about it, but it’s true that many people will still feel uncomfortable going out and going about their normal day-to-day lives still, even after over 2 years have passed.

If you cast your mind back to the very start of the Covid outbreak, you’ll remember that a lot of governments basically shut their countries down, issuing stay-at-home orders. With only key workers being allowed to leave their houses to go to work and anybody that could, would be told to work from home. This shutdown did of course include pubs, clubs, restaurants, and casinos.

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With casinos being forced to close, their online counterparts saw massive influxes of customers forcing them to develop the services more. Source: Hardwaretimes

Now, with casinos being forced to close their doors to customers, it goes without saying that these companies wouldn’t want to lose customers. So, those that hadn’t already done so, developed their own online casinos, and those that did already have their own online casinos put in some more work to develop and improve their systems, making them the place to be for those wanting their fix. Let’s not forget, casinos aren’t just a place to gamble, they’re a place for social gatherings too.

Online Casinos have emerged Massively in countries like the United States

Online casinos are a big deal in America, and that’s why players who want to play in the United States have several options. New Online Casinos are attracting users with features that include free spins and bonuses. 

With the inclusion of new technologies, online users feel more confident about their privacy while playing games like poker or blackjack at any moment they want. Naturally, more states are gaining interest in online gaming, which increases the chance of the market continuing to grow within the country.

It goes without saying then that all of the best US land-based casinos have now shifted a lot of their focus into becoming one of the best online casinos in the USA and honestly, that’s all well and good but if the online service is not good enough, it’s never going to take off, is it? So what is the big appeal of online casinos anyway? This is where we get into reason number 2 convenience.

I’m sorry to go back to the whole Covid thing but over the last few years, people have been able to claim grants for loss of earnings due to covid as well as various other “financial care packages” and a lot of people didn’t really need them, so in their case, they would just look for ways they could turn that money into more money, some people invested in cryptocurrency which in itself is a gamble, others stuck to what they knew and had a bit of fun on the slots or played some Online poker. You know because the casinos were closed?

Because of the last few years as I previously mentioned, companies have invested more time, effort, and importantly, money, into improving the quality of their online services. Online poker for example has really come a long way, it used to just be a digital table with the game playing and while that is still a service if you enjoyed that, it has way more social aspects to it now, not only that, but if you’re good enough and I guess you play enough, you can qualify for major poker events by playing online?

That is actually wild, I suppose when you think about it the game doesn’t really change other than the fact you can read another player if you play opposite them on a table, so I guess the online game isn’t a true measure, but if you want to chill at home and you’re good enough you could actually qualify for a world series of poker event by just playing a few games online and making a bit of cash from what is effectively a side hustle. Mental!

Then you have slots, we’ve all seen those super cringey adverts for the “free slots” mobile games, I’m not talking about those. What I’m talking about is actual real online slots, the variety, and the general quality has got a lot better, with a lot of online sportsbooks offering new customer offers where you can get X amount of free spins or whatever else they offer these days if you just look around you can find all sorts given it is a massively competitive sector of the market right now.

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When I say variety, by the way, I don’t just mean how the slots look. You’ll see variety across the board, from the stakes required to play to potential winnings, then there’s the theming and how the bonus games within the games work. While at their core the slots all end up doing pretty much the same thing, the end product can be vastly different from one online slot game to the next, not only that it can completely vary from one site to the next, entirely dependent on coding.

Then finally you’ve got online table games. We all know the ones, we’ve all spent time just sitting at 2 am bored checking out online roulette games and online blackjack, etc. Purely because you saw it on an advert, anyway, my point is, long ago your online casinos would basically be slots and poker, however now, given the somewhat forced evolution as well as the competitive nature of the market. Companies have been forced to push the boundaries and make their service the best.

Believe it or not, the online table games which in itself is a weird sentence to say, don’t just stop at roulette or blackjack, the online sportsbook I find myself using the most even has live baccarat tables, go figure! It’s kind of weird though because you’re playing with a real person, they’re sitting on camera dealing the cards and you’re playing against them on a live feed. It’s a little bit weird, but saying that millions of people around the world sit and watch people play video games on Twitch these days, so I guess it isn’t that weird is it?

Anyway, that’s going to do it for this one. As somebody who hasn’t particularly enjoyed leaving the house for a long time, to begin with, it is nice to see the online aspects of a lot of businesses grow, from shopping all the way to today’s topic, casinos. I hope that the growth continues and these services become even easier to use and more varied. What does the future hold for us? Only one way to find out! Take care folks and GOOD LUCK!