Rich Paul Net Worth, Life, Relationship with Adele, and More

Rich paul Net worth
Credit: Rich Paul's Instagram

Rich Paul is a name that has gained massive recognition recently. Only a couple of years back, nobody knew who Rich Paul was but today, he is a celebrity. One of the reasons is that Rich Paul is Adele’s boyfriend. Let’s explore everything about Rich Paul, his life, Rich Paul net worth, and more. 

Adele and Rich Paul 

Rich Paul and Adele were first spotted together in 2021 during an NBA game between Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks. Soon after being papped together, PEOPLE broke the news that Adele and Rich Paul were dating. Later there were several interviews in which Adele, herself, confirmed that she and Rich were together. Since the declaration, people have been trying to know everything about the man of the dreams of their favorite singer. So, here it is. 

Who is Rich Paul? 

Born in Cleveland Ohio, Rich was always interested in being an entrepreneur. Early traces of his growth and hustle mindset can be traced back to his teenage years when he sold jerseys out of the truck of his father’s cars. It was this go-getter attitude that stuck with Rich and made him a success. Today, he is the proud founder of Klutch Sports Group. It’s a company that specializes in managing and representing sporting talents. The company has an expansive dossier of some names like Ben Simmons and Trae Young. 

Rich Paul Childhood 

Rich comes from a humble background with an utmost closeness towards his father. He spent a lot of time with him at his corner store — R & J Confectionery.  Rich learned a lot about business from his father as a teenager. He went on to join the University of Akron for further studies. However, tragedy struck when his father was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. Hence, Rich had to transfer back to Cleveland State University. In an interview with ESPN, Rich explained how he always wanted to be a basketball player. But, faith had other plans for him. 

Rich’s Life Before Adele

Rich is a father to three children about whom little is known. Pre-Adele, Rich had quite a subtle life which has not come to the forefront ever after the news spread about him dating the award-winning singer. What we can gather from several interviews is that Rich became a father quite early on in his life and has three children. He also said that he is not hesitant about having more kids. 

Rich Paul Net Worth 

From selling vintage jerseys to owning a sports company, there is a lot Rich has achieved in his career. Gathering from his past business and current endeavors, let’s look at Rich Paul net worth. Regardless, his Sports company manages some of the biggest names in the NBA so that’s a big source of income. Plus, his estate and other assets combined can mount up to an estimate of $120 million. His agency is signing new contracts and expanding every day so, needless to say, Rich Paul net worth is only going to rise.