Steps to Watch ESPN Using


If you love to watch sports, you must have heard about the ESPN channel. ESPN is a popular basic cable sports channel that offers pre-taped or live event telecasts, talk shows, sports highlights, and other programs. If you have a cable connection to watch this cable channel, then it’s quite easy for you to watch ESPN. But what about those who want to watch ESPN using internet-connected devices? Keeping in mind this, ESPN has launched ESPN+ (ESPN Plus) and you can watch your favorite sports on this channel by using several internet-connected devices.

Steps to Follow for the Activation of ESPN Using

In order to enjoy watching ESPN on your device, you have to follow these simple steps-

A) Eligibility Check:

At first, you have to check whether your preferred device is qualified for ESPN or not. For that, you have to search for ESPN in the channel store of your device or ESPN+ in the app store of your device. When you find ESPN or ESPN+, you should go through the following steps.

B) Get the Activation Code:

i) After switching on your device, you have to open the ESPN channel or application. If you do not have this application on your device, you should install it and then open it.

ii) Then you will find an ‘account information option under the ‘settings button.

iii) When you find the ‘account information button, try to login to your ESPN account. If you are new and do not possess an ESPN account, you should create an account first and then login to the account.

iv) When you login to your account, a unique activation code will appear on the screen. This code is essential to make your device eligible for ESPN.

v) Then, you should copy the code and follow the steps to enter the code.

C) Enter the Activation Code:

i) First, using your smartphone, computer, or another suitable internet-connected device, you have to browse to Here, you have to sign in to your account.

ii) After signing in, the system will ask you for entering the activation code.

ii) You have to enter the code and click on continue. This will automatically link your device to your ESPN account.

As your device has got activated for ESPN, you can now watch ESPN sports on your device.

The Device for Watching ESPN:

The devices for having the streaming service are- i) Smart TVs, ii)Gaming Consoles, iii) Streaming Devices, and iv) some other internet-connected devices. However, ESPN+ is only for watching live sports. You can also watch ESPN on Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku Platform, and Streaming TV.