Smart Wearables Tech Brands You Need To Know About

Smart Wearables

Technology is evolving at an exponential rate with every passing day. When thinking about wearable technology, the things that come to our mind are fitness bands and smartwatches. No matter how intensely these companies have tried to build and develop these devices to attract tech and fashion-savvy people. Still, many of us won’t prefer wearing such devices. 

The fashion aspect of wearables is crucial in everyone’s lives, especially when it comes to smart tech wearables. In this article, we’ll look at a few brands that are either developing or selling revolutionary smart wearables.

Jacquard by Levi’s and Google

This is a piece of clothing developed by Levi’s and Google combinedly. A type of jacket called by the name Levi’s Commuter x with Jacquard™ by Google. This clothing accessory is embedded with technology invented for urban cyclists. 

Conductive yarn is used to weave the jacket. The left cuff enables touch interaction. So, riders can swipe, tap or even hold to perform simple jobs like canceling and answering calls, changing song tracks, or access navigation information (that is performed by voice input). The thing that stands out the most is not the technology that answers the needs of cyclists. But it is the jacket itself because the jean jacket is a stunning piece of clothing and not just a segment of technology.

The Unseen

A woman named Lauren Bowker, a material alchemist, founded ‘The Unseen,’ a London-based company. It is a start-up which has perfectly captured the ideas of colors that change based on the surrounding environment and the user interaction.

The luxury line of Selfridges by The Unseen was first launched in late 2015 and included a phone case, scarf backpack, and much more. The differential element of these was that these wearables could react to body temperature, air pressure, sunlight, wind, and touch. For instance, their other wearable, a shoulder bag made from Italian alligator skin, was responsive to weather. It can change its color to black in winter, blue in summer, a shade of green to red in autumn, and red in spring. 

Emel + Aris

A success story that inflated over £100,000 (GBP) through crowdfunding on Kickstarter in the year 2016 to launch their smart coat. Similar to the one from Levi’s and Google, this one too doesn’t really look like a smart tech wearable. But instead, it appears to be a regular coat that is made for both men and women. 

The unique thing about this smart wearable is that it comes with smart heating technology hidden inside. Crafted from a superlight polymer instead of the heavy wires, it generated FIR (also known as far-infrared), heat energy from panels beyond the coat. The heat is exposed to the human skin and can heat the body to raise blood flow.

With such a segment of technology inside, there is only one cable that exists inside the coat, and that one connects the panels to the battery case. So, with this coat, get ready to get warm and cozy with just a button.

Zenta from Vinaya

It is the only smart wearable in this category that can be worn on the wrist. The brand has received over $100,000 in a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Much like its other collection, it empowers users to cut-off from the digital world and just stays connected with the most important notifications on their smartphone. Above all the other features, it has the ability to track and respond to emotions. 

The target for the audience is the wellness and health genre. It monitors sleep quality, activity, breathing patterns, overall mood, emotional states, and even stress levels. 


In a world where a simple piece of technology can do a lot. Evermée has come up with a piece of Jewelry that involves both the world of fashion and technology. Crafted from ethically sourced gold and silver, this modern tech jewelry features a digital locket that can store memories in the form of pictures. 

Paired with Evermée’s mobile app that is available for both IOS and Android, the pictures can be accessed onto any device using NFC. The pictures can be changed or accessed even from a distance remotely. The fun part is though this jewelry, in a way, is different from conventional ones. Still, it looks as beautiful and stunning as a piece of real jewelry and is a perfect gift for people who love to embrace memories.   


Technology has always been a dear friend to mankind. A plethora of brands is coming up with smart wearables for people who are crazy for both fashion and tech. We have discussed a few of the prominent brands and their products that are one of a kind and special!