Stargate Universe Season 3: Is there any hope for Returning the show?

Stargate Universe Season 3

The viewers have a certain emotion for the Stargate Universe series for its captivating storyline. A decisive cliffhanger of the last show has insisted the fans hope for the return of Stargate Universe Season 3. However, it’s almost a decade, the fans are heartily waiting for the show to return. The emotion started to grow when the franchise released a film named Stargate in 1994 that starred James Spader and Kurt Russell. Roland Emmerich’s film was able to make a surprise hit. After the change of the plan for the trilogy of the film, the franchise released ten seasons for the television series that started in 1997. In 2009, the franchise released another series named Stargate Universe that starred Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Ming-Na Wen, and many more. Nonetheless, this series lasted just for two seasons. As the series ended with great suspense, the fans still hope that the third season will return.

Will season 3 ever release?

While the fans were excited to know the updates of season 3 for its cliffhanger ending in the second season, in 2011, the SYFY announced that they have dropped the plan for any further installment of Stargate Universe.

The reasons behind the cancellation of the Stargate universe:

There was a significant decline in the number of viewers in the first season. Although the makers changed the timeslot in the second season that did not help the show to become successful. The lack of fair assessment and the drop in the ratings forced SYFY not to plan for another season of the show.

Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper made the plan for this show and the creator of the show is Carl Binder. The show serves a story of science fiction where soldiers and civilians are trapped on an ancient spaceship. The purpose of the makers was to display the struggle for survival of the officials and normal residents and find a way for their return to Earth. This show includes several popular cast such as Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Patrick Gilmore, Ming-Na Wen, and many more.

Although the tension in the assessments of the show and the decline of the viewers forced the makers to decide not to go for the third season, the only hope is the cliffhanger ending of the last season. The show ended with a damaged ship of the crew that needs to jump to another universe. At the ending of the show, the squad goes into a state of equilibrium for the long journey, excluding Eli who has to stay alert for his broken unit. Before the life support system shuts down, Eli has only fourteen days to fix his unit. The show closes with Eli whose future is uncertain and he is staring out into space.

The launch of a Kickstarter by a fan for Stargate Universe Season 3:

A fan eventually took to Kickstarter in order to help to finance for season 3. To secure funding, this campaign hoped to raise over $ 27million, however, anyone from the franchise did not help to back this mission. Unsurprisingly, this campaign was not able to reach the goal and it fell far short. Even the champaign gathered the money in a dubious event, there was no pronouncement that the show would have returned.

A comic to resolve the cliffhanger of the Stargate Universe:

A comic named Stargate Universe: Back To Destiny arrived in 2017 to resolve the cliffhanger of the show. This comic was played by Louis Ferreira and it opened with Colonel Young that demonstrates the failed attempts of Eli to fix his unit. Eli further finds some hidden units on the destiny and discovers new characters. Since the original creative team was absent, the tenet of this comic is arguable. However, it can be the only resolution for the fans as the release of the third season is uncertain.