Everything About: Tracy Morgan Net Worth, Car Accident And Current Life

Tracy Morgan Net worth

Tracy Morgan, a renowned name in the American Television and comedy circle, is popularly known for his coming into the limelight part in the hit tv shows, including Saturday Night Life, better known as SNL. Tracy was born on November 10, 1968. He was the second in a home of five children. Rising to fame as a comic artist was not easy for Tracy, and he suffered several personal losses along his way to a starry career.

As of 2021, Tract Morgan clocked at a net worth of $71 million. Numerous factors contribute to his figure. What are those? Let’s explore. 

Tracy Morgan Early Life

At the nimble age of six, Tracy saw his mother struggle as she managed to carry the family of six on her shoulders after the militant father left for the Vietnam war. He reunited with his father later to care for him as he counted his last days. AIDS got the best of his father, and he passed away in the fall of 1987. Tracy had to be on his toes for his father, for which had to abound his graduation. Depression and desperation surrounded Tracy as he chooses to sell drugs to get by the day at some point in his life. 

However, the streets were not so bad for Tracy. It was here he found his talent for comedy and started performing on the streets. Soon he would find himself on the stages doing stand-up comedy. 

Tracy found and married his first love, Sabina, in 1987, the same year he lost his father.

Tracy Morgan Career

Taking from his father who was an artist himself, Morgan was always enticed by the performance arts, more specifically, stand-up comedy. Morgan enjoyed a fair audience on the streets. But he found his stepping stones to comic success at the Apollo Theatre where he performed stand-up comedy for a live audience. 

Morgan soon found himself doing rounds of studios with his first television break in Martin between 1994 and 1996. Later picked up by Saturday Night Live, where he enjoyed his fair share of success between 1996 and 2003. 30 rock, The Tracy Morgan Show, and an episode of Puked are some of the many shows Tracy is most popular for. 

Tracy Morgan Car Accident And Legal Battles With Walmart 

He met with a tragic accident that almost took his life in the summer of 2014, June 7, to be exact. He and his comic friends who were in a minibus returning from a show met with a gruesome accident with a Walmart truck. The accident led to the loss of James McNair, a friend of Tracy’s. It also injured Tracy severely. Tracy suffered multiple injuries including a broken nose, leg, ribs, and injuries to the brain. Tracy went through various treatments and rehabilitations but as soon as he found himself fit, he launched a case against Walmart. The settlement alleged to be at $90 million. 

Tracy Morgan Net Worth

Considering his popularity, the shows he has done, running contracts with leading brands, and the amount from the lawsuit settlement it is fair to estimate that Tracy Morgan Net Worth at an approximate $71 million in 2021.