Technology and How it Has Affected The way We View Nature

Technology And Nature
Image Credit: Pexels

Have you ever wondered how technology has affected how we perceive the world? When we think about what we could do 60 years ago, it might not look all that different at first glance.

However, technology has enabled us to do a lot of different things a lot easier than how we would do them before. Just imagine having the ability to go out into nature with a 4×4 vehicle capable of taking you anywhere you want.

The development of new tools and devices allows for the ability to share experiences and information and to improve the quality of our outdoor adventures.

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When we think about it this way, it shows how vital technology is in our everyday lives and how it affects nearly all its aspects.

What Has Technology Done For Nature?

From the fundamental unreliable gps devices and bulky phones. Technology has come a long way from where it once was. Today’s modern GPS trackers, quality satellites, smartphones, and an array of cutting-edge devices, prevail in comparison to what once was.

Standardized Presence of Technology

The standardization of the use of tech in nature, regardless of the aspect, is a long-going effort, mainly regarding safety concerns but also as a means to make everything safer, quicker, easier, and more fun.

Science, in general, has allowed for many new tools that would have been considered ludicrous before.

What is The Nature of This Evolution?

It is safe to say that technology has made a massive difference in how we perceive and think of nature. But what is the heart of this change? Is it good or bad?

While technological advancements have allowed for different benefits such as better safety and a more easy trip, some skeptics recall the distraction and disconnection these new devices might cause, consequently losing the whole point of the experience.

In the next part of the article, we will talk about both the positive and negative aspects of these changes.

Technology’s Beneficial Impacts on the Outdoors and Hiking

First, let’s talk about how these changes are positive. We can divide the effects into three categories.

1. The Ability to Explore and Plan

Technological advancements have given us access to a massive range of information available through the internet. Hiking trails, destinations, and conditions can all be calculated and predicted, allowing you to make a better plan about what you’ll be doing.

Another characteristic of this group is the introduction to digital maps and navigation tools that allow for real-time tracking. This leads to the next category.

2. Preparedness for Emergencies and Safety

The real-time tracking tools which we just mentioned, along with communication devices and apps for emergencies, contribute to hiker safety.

The GPS technology of before pails in comparison to what we have today.

3. Awareness of the Environment and Its Conservation

Social media has done a great job of promoting awareness about many environmental issues and how we view the world.

The more hikers that use digital tools, the more access to data regarding the field and how these hikers act. We can then use this data to construct effective conservation initiatives and projects to help the environment.

The Negative Impact of Technology on Hiking and Nature

All this being said, the situation is far from perfect. There are many things we gain from the digital era, but we also lose a lot.

We will also be dividing the effects into categories.

1. Technology Is A Distraction

We have shown that this new wave of tech and devices has made life much more accessible and hiking much easier.

However, over-reliance on smartphones, and other devices, can miss the whole point of what we are doing. In case of device failure, it might even be a safety concern.

2. The Environmental Impact

While we can use data collection to mediate this issue, tech, plastic, and new devices pollute our planet, and carelessness can ruin the places that we go hiking.

Just imagine going through a trail and coming across a load of plastic and waste. It wouldn’t be very nice, would it?


Tech has changed how we view and interact with the world. Digital devices like GPS tracking devices and communication gadgets make outdoor exploration easier and a lot safer.

But there are some downsides that we should consider. We must remember device overuse and minimize our distractions and disconnect from nature. We must also be mindful of what waste we leave behind.

Finally, technology has changed how we view the world, including hiking and wildlife. Digital instruments, GPS tracking, and communication gadgets make outdoor exploration easier and safer. Social media and data collecting have also raised environmental awareness and promoted conservation.

Technology’s benefits must be balanced with its drawbacks and environmental impact. We can preserve and allow future generations to enjoy nature by using technology responsibly and appreciating nature.