The 10 Greatest Benefits of SAFe® Certification in 2023

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SAFe, or Scaled Agile Framework, is a set of institutional workflow patterns that help to implement agile practices at an organizational scale. This framework implements structured guidance to identify the responsibilities of each role, the process of work management, and organizational values to abide by. SAFe promotes alliance, alignment, and delivery across different agile teams. It is a unified body of knowledge with three components: the development of agile software, systems thinking, and the development of lean products. To scale up businesses, SAFe equips a structured approach to help scale agile. To configure different levels of scale, it can be divided into four levels: Large Solution SAFe, Essential SAFe, Full SAFe, and Portfolio SAFe. Enroll in the leading SAFe course today to reap the benefits and lead Agile transformation at the enterprise level.

Why Should You Consider SAFe®?

SAFe enables measurable productivity in teams by removing unnecessary work, identifying and eliminating delays, continuously improving processes, and ensuring teams are building the right things. You can apply and scale the scaled agile framework for Lean and agile development after earning a SAFe certification. Additionally, you will learn how to organize and carry out Program Increments (PI). This will help you direct transformation within your organization once you have gained the knowledge. Many enterprises have implemented Agile procedures and methods of working, and the Scaled Agile Framework proves to be a trustworthy and promising structure to cater to the needs of the client and the organization. SAFe doesn’t only promote customer satisfaction but also ensures brand-loyalty and healthy customer-enterprise relationships.

Benefits of Pursuing SAFe® Certification

Since a Scaled Agile Framework is being adopted across different industries, it is necessary that people understand the structure of Agile to get a competitive edge during the transformation. Professionals previously working with agile teams like scrum can find increased opportunities in this Agile framework. Here are some of the benefits of pursuing SAFe certification that can help you boost your career.

1.   Tackling adoption problems

Enterprises and organizations prefer to adopt agile to keep up with the growing trend. Although it can be adopted with 2-3 teams in a small-scale organization without much effort, it may not prove that easy in a huge organization. Pursuing this certification can equip you with the right skill set and tools that can scale agile across the enterprise to boost employee engagement, enhance duration in the market and upgrade product quality. You can learn about collaboration within functional teams and IT alignment by working with various departments while delivering value to the enterprises.

2.   International recognition

Scale Agile Certification is globally recognized and is treated as a niche skill by every IT enterprise in any country. You can easily opt for your dream job in your dream organization or country by producing your SAFe certification. Due to its popular demand, it gives a competitive age to any professional. This is one of the most sought-after certifications, as these credentials are important to organizations that are adopting Scale Agile Certification. Since SAFe continuously updates its content pertaining to the growing market needs and helps to meet the market demands, it is easily adaptable.

3.   Learn about the new roles in the agile organization

Agile scaling in huge organizations mandates new role creation and modification. A SAFe certification can teach about necessary management skills for helping team members, adapting to new agile practices, and instilling an agile mindset to overcome organizational challenges. This certification can help understand each role of all designations, including managers, Product Owners, and executives.

4.  25% more hike in salary

Pursuing the SAFe certification will help you advance in your career and get a major salary hike. This certification will guarantee a salary hike in your new or current job role. SAFe-certified professionals receive a 25% hike in their salaries than other non-certified experts.

5.  Minimum impediments, failures, and delays during SAFe® implementation

When two or more teams in a large institution collaborate, they can’t adapt well. SAFe Certification equipped you with skills to instill a unified agile approach across the entity. The new Agilist training enforces a regular outlook that can upgrade product architecture and quality. This certification can help you utilize Agile Release Train for planning, training, and delivering value by helping to merge different teams.

6.  Cope with fluctuating organizational ways

Companies need to make necessary changes to satisfy their customers. Therefore, a client-friendly approach and framework are in high demand in any organization. Implementing Lean UX and Lean Startup with the help of SAFe certification can identify innovations, notions, and creativity with ease.

7.  Continuous Delivery

You can learn through this certification about the ways to execute and amalgamate DevOps, which ensures uninterrupted delivery to the customer with a sizable setup. Individuals learn to collaborate with the DevOps team and manage the extensive work by ensuring regular releases through continuous delivery.

8.  SAFe® helps in solving project roadblocks

The SAFe method is used to scale Scrum-based expansion. It is an advanced implementation technique that qualifies the companies to establish complex products and encourages new ventures by merging multiple scrum teams in a project. Implementing the knowledge from the SAFe course can benefit you with a comprehensive approach, clarity, and novelties.

9.  Better decision-making at the organizational level

SAFe certification implements better decision-making capacity by identifying the important problems requiring emergency solutions, issues demanding fast responses, or interrelated variables requiring consideration. SAFe certification provides Lean Finance training and Lean Portfolio Management, which can help the company to take prompt action while improving the economic aspects of the company.

10. Master the Lean-Agile approach

Lean-Agile particularly functions on the Agile Manifesto. It is a set of theories, standards, and methods for the SAFe leaders to adapt to. The Lean-Agile approach accommodates all principles, including agility and Lean Procedures like Lean Product Growth. Since there are three bodies of knowledge – Agile Development, System Thinking, and Lean Product Development, this training can easily help you implement the lean-Agile Outlook.

How Does SAFe Benefit Organizations?

SAFe was created to provide team flexibility and to aid in the management of challenges that large organizations face when implementing Agile. It encourages program execution, collaboration aspects, alignment, built-in quality, and delivery across many Agile teams. SAFe is the business tool that helps enterprises to carry out huge projects and programs in a given frame using an agile outlook. It offers a particular framework that can integrate different teams in the company and organize teamwork and interdependencies while aligning and coordinating different teams in a single project. SAFe helps to assess preparedness, develop a vision, create a roadmap, assemble a SAFe team, define roles, offer training, and lastly, monitor the implementation.

Benefits After SAFe Implementation

The benefits of SAFe have been recognized by more than 1,000,000 individuals in various companies worldwide. It includes 10-50% happier employees, 30-75% faster time-to-market, 20-50% increase in productivity, and 25-75% improvements in Quality.

  1. Faster Time-to-Market: Leading enterprises can fulfill client needs by aligning cross-functional teams around value. This can leverage quicker decision-making, streamline operations, ensure effective communication, and stay focused on clients.
  1. Quality Improvement: SAFe helps to integrate quality in each step of the development cycle, which distributes responsibility to everyone for a quality upgrade.
  1. Increase in Productivity: SAFe helps to make measurable productivity improvements by the empowerment of high-performing teams and inclusive teams to eliminate trivial work, remove delays and make continuous improvements for the development of the right things.
  1. Better Employee Engagement: Due to the developed working methods, there is better employee engagement. Workers can achieve mastery, autonomy and purpose, which increases employee satisfaction.

SAFe® Salary Trends for 2023 Based on Designation

The Leading SAFe certification can help you provide a competitive edge in different roles. Here is a salary insight based on different designations.

Job rolesAverage Annual Salary
Agile Coach₹25.0 LPA
Scrum Master₹15.0 LPA
Project Manager₹12.0 LPA
Product Owner₹18.5 LPA
Software Engineer₹5.5 LPA


SAFe helps to identify the challenges in the processes faced by large enterprises. SAFe certification promotes the understanding of the management of an entity and the end-to-end flow. Developing an understanding of value streams can help master the obstructions and help the enterprises function as a whole and serve the clients. One can easily tackle the problems regarding the adoption of Agile in multiple layers of the organization by gaining an in-depth analysis of the SAFe framework. Hence, the benefits of the SAFe certification are many. It not only helps organizations to achieve their goals but also promotes individual growth through high-paying work opportunities. To advance your career by successfully implementing the SAFe framework, pursue the SAFe certification from Knowledgehut.


Q. Which SAFe® certification is in demand?

The SAFe Agilist or the Leading SAFe certification is regarded as one of the best SAFe Certification in 2023 and is in huge demand.

Q. Does SAFe® certification expire?

SAFe is a highly valued certification that can expire after a year of course completion. One needs to renew it to hold a valid certificate.

Q. How many companies use SAFe® agile?

Various countries worldwide use SAFe agile to improve their organizational practices. More than 1,000,000 individuals in 20,000 enterprises across the globe use SAFe and have acknowledged the benefits of utilizing it.