The Best Online Casino Games for Gambling Novices

Casino Games

Gambling has been a well-known form of entertainment for the public, dating back to Ancient Greek and Roman times. The act of gambling has evolved since the days of putting wagers on the grisly demise of gladiators; nowadays, most modern gambling enthusiasts bid at major sporting events such as horse racing, boxing, or athletics.

However, with the pastime constantly evolving, it is now famous for most modern gambling fans to place their bets from the comfort of their own home using a casino live instead of a roulette table in their local casino. The emergence of casino live over recent years has revolutionized the world of gambling and boasts fantastic benefits over their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

With hundreds of games at fans’ fingertips, lucrative bonuses or promotions, and the ability to play wherever and whenever you want – online casinos are converting both seasoned and novice gamblers. However, the variety that online casinos present can be confusing for newcomers, so we’ve created this article outlining several of the best online casino games for novice gamblers to help navigate the gambling world.


An online and land-casino favorite, slot machines are one of the many games available to players that characterize casinos. No matter a player’s skill level, when hearing the word ‘casino’, our minds can’t help but envision rows upon rows of brightly colored, flashing slot machines that make the symbols on the spinning reels roll behind our eyes.

A crowd favorite, slot machines are so popular that they dominate the hospitality world, with machines regularly found at pubs, hotels, and bars across the country so that players can enjoy the act of socializing and drinking with friends whilst playing. Slot machines are a prevalent choice for novice gamblers due to their simplistic design and gameplay.

Just about anyone can play a slot machine, having had no experience or gambling prowess, since all you must do is drop your coins in and push the button or pull the handle. Both online and land-based casinos have hundreds of slot machines for players, some of which come in attractive designs and can even be themed after pop culture, making them more appealing to play.

Seasoned gamblers understand that slot machines can be notoriously difficult to secure a win from, as there is a lot more strategy needed for success than meets the eye. But the attractive rewards, jackpots or bonuses never fail to lure players back for another game.


Like slot machines, roulette is another online and land-casino favourite for novice gamblers, as the gameplay is also incredibly straightforward. Roulette is known as the game of chance and simplicity, as it takes no real gambling skill to play it, and rewards are reaped depending on which a number of players have bet that the ball lands.

However, much like slot machines, the game of roulette can be deceiving, and as novices get more familiar with the game, they’ll realise that there are several strategies and tactics used to increase a player’s chance of a pay-out. As you get more familiar with the world of casino live, you can turn to the internet for more advice and guides to help develop your gameplay.

For more insight, use websites such as, their website offers both seasoned and novice gambling enthusiasts a range of helpful resources about casino live. From guides about how to stay safe online to casino live game reviews, their website serves as an excellent benefit for budding gambling enthusiasts to learn relevant tips and tricks of the trade. Peruse their website for more information today, or look at their news tab for more topics related to casino live.


Both online and land-based casinos are known for hosting various card games with varying stages of difficulty and strategy. Perhaps one of the most suited card games for beginners is Blackjack, as the gameplay is easy to learn, and the goal is straightforward.

In this game, you play against the dealer and start with two cards in your hand. Ultimately, you’re aiming for all your cards to reach a total of twenty-one, and as the game progresses, you can choose whether to be dealt another card, but you’ll have to be careful not to go ‘bust’ and surpass twenty-one otherwise, you’ll lose the game.

This game maintains the theme of simplicity, but much like the other casino games we’ve suggested for beginners, it takes time and experience to master the strategies needed to win. So, you may find that you lose a few games before achieving your first victory.


We’re sure that bingo needs no introduction, a beloved game for all ages. Perhaps one of the simplest games to ever grace the earth and online or land-casinos, the objective of bingo is to cross out numbers as they are called on your grid.

Since this is solely reliant on chance, you need no skill or experience to play, making it perfect for novice gamblers. The only drawback is that it can become incredibly dull and repetitive after a couple of games. So you may want to use bingo as a warm-up before developing into more strategic games!