The Best Ways to Game in 2022


The world of gaming has changed dramatically in the past few years, never mind the past couple of decades. This means that the way we game is also changing, and with how quickly technology is developing, it’s important to stay on top of the best ways to game. We’ve listed our top three below!

Gaming Laptop

Though it used to be that you’d need a PC to run any high-spec game, things have changed –there are now plenty of gaming laptops that work just as well, if not better, than a PC for gaming. A huge benefit is that a lot of time and money is spent optimizing these laptops so that they can run large games efficiently with little interference and lag. Lenovo’s Top Gaming Laptops are a great example of this – you’ll find plenty of options utilizing the best processors, graphics cards, and plenty of memory to allow for a smooth gaming experience.

The other benefit of a gaming laptop is that they’re perfect on the move. This is a great option for people like students who are often moving back and forth between two places. Instead of packing away a huge PC each time you want to travel, having just a laptop to carry makes it much easier, and you can even play on the move!

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has really come into the spotlight in the past decade, and for good reason! Playing with virtual reality is a whole new experience, where you can immerse yourself in your game like never before. Originally, the quality of VR games was questionable, and understandably – with any new technology, you’re going to find plenty of glitches at first. But the technology has accelerated in complexity and efficiency, and with games like Half-Life: Alyx proving just how far VR has come over the years, now is the perfect time to buy a VR kit.

It’s not just games you can play on VR – you can also find educational devices, cinema experiences, and social worlds to make friends. It’s an incredibly dynamic experience, and you’re guaranteed to never get bored!

PlayStation 5

The new console has received a lot of hype over the past year and a half, with manic buyers meaning it’s barely been in stock since its release. It’s for good reason though – the PS5 is one of the most advanced consoles to ever be released and makes for a gaming experience like no other. It’s a huge upgrade from the PS4 – double the frames per second, and graphics cards that make the PS4 look static.

Not only this, but user experience is a lot more friendly, with the use of SSDs meaning you don’t need to worry about wait times, whether you’re joining lobbies or loading entire maps and worlds. The controller itself is the cherry on the cake – with feedback motors and comfortable design, the combination of the PS5’s upgrades makes it one of the best ways to play games right now.

These are our top three ways to game in 2022 for you to have the best experience, and plenty of fun!