The Most Common Superstitions in Online Casino Games

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When it comes to gambling, luck plays a certain role to some extent. This is why many gamblers go far away to ensure that luck is in their favour. Some gamblers openly admit their superstitions, while others never confess to being inclined by superstitions. However, superstitions are very common among online casino gamers. Even though there is no rational link between the way of playing and getting lucky, many players possess strong beliefs in their superstitions.  This article will discuss some most common and popular superstitions in online casino games.

1. Lucky/Unlucky Numbers:

The most popular and widely-recognized unlucky number is 13. This number is also considered unlucky in gambling. Indeed, many gamblers in the Magyar online casino have a phobia (Triskaidekaphobia) regarding the number 13. Online casino players often avoid betting with this number. For instance, even if the least bet at roulette on a number is 13, players tend to avoid that. This is why large casinos label their floors by missing out on 13. Many casino payers also consider 7 as a lucky number. This is probably because many slot machines offer jackpot awards for 7 symbols. It is important to understand that when a particular number is considered lucky in one specific culture, that number may be considered unlucky in another culture.

2. Lucky/Unlucky Colors:

Very similar to numbers, gamblers also consider colours as signs of bad or good luck. Black colour indicates bad luck in some cultures where people associate black with death. On the other hand, some people consider red to be a lucky colour. For instance, Chinese gamblers prefer to wear red dresses while gambling.

3. Physical Actions:

Gamblers also do certain physical actions to bring their luck. Physical actions are one of the common superstitions among gamblers. Some common and famous examples of physical actions are-

  • Blowing on the dice
  • Fingers crossed
  • Piling chips in a specific way
  • Kissing a friend
  • Knocking on wood
  • Verbally asking for a number or card.

4. Lucky Charms:

    Many gamblers also believe in lucky charms. Some famous lucky charms are the four-leaved clover, the horseshoe, and the rabbit foot which are believed to bring good fortune.  Many casino players carry a lucky item. Some players wear lucky dresses when gambling, while some players like to have a lucky companion.

    5. Using the Front Entrance:

    Even though entering through the front gate is an ambiguous superstition, however, it is a very common one. Many gamblers believe that entering a casino through the front gate is unlucky for them as they will get the bad luck of leaving gamblers. Due to this superstition, sometimes, casinos have to replace their entrances. However, if you are playing games in the Magyar online casino, you do not have to worry about the physical entrance. This superstition is not valid for online casino players.

    6. Counting Chips/Money:

    Another famous superstition is that a gambler should never count his or her chips or money when gambling. This is a widely popular superstition for casino games. The song, “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers reinforced this superstition. The song states that you will get enough time to count your money after the dealing.

    7. $50 Bills:

    This superstition is common among American gamblers who visit Las Vegas for gambling. American gamblers believe that the $50 bill is unlucky for them, so they refuse to pay the $50 bill when exchanging the chips. However, this superstition is uncommon in other parts of the world.

    Many gamblers continue to believe in these superstitions even if they don’t win. These superstitions become a ritual for them. However, superstitions may cause depression and stress. Therefore, it is better to play online casino games smartly and rationally.